Warning! Events Are Upon Us!

December 11, 2021

[Mother Clare] God of hope and mercy, we lift to you all victims of natural disasters, those responding with assistance and aid and those unprepared for death. Protect all who are in danger, strengthen the weary, console the grieving, heal the suffering, and bless those who are helping with safety and courage. Instill in us a desire to respond with compassion and generous hearts. Amen.

Beloved Heart Dwellers, we are surrounded by numerous signs that the Lord’s coming is near. This is what He told us; the signs would be. This is from Matthew 24, verse four: “Jesus said to them, in reply See that no one deceives you, for many will come in My name, saying, I am the Messiah, and they will deceive many.” My precious family, Jesus does not contradict Himself. There are some beautiful teachings gaining popularity because they portray a more approachable side of Jesus. It is true that He is very tender and approachable, but I plead with you, do not believe any doctrine that contradicts the very words of our Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament as a change in the doctrine of Christ. Books can be very seductive, please pay attention. If they begin to contradict what you know Scripture says, you will know this is from a source that will deceive many. If a writer, no matter how talented, changes the meaning of Scripture to be something opposite to what Christ said with His own mouth, that cannot be from God.

Moving on to Matthew 20, verse 6: “You will hear of wars and reports of wars, see to it that you are not alarmed, for these things must happen, but it will not yet be the end. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” There will be famines and earthquakes from place to place. And here is a note on that: Tectonic plate crushers are crushing all sensors off the scale. This is from Mike from Around the World. No urgency, everyone is saying, everything is fine, but they know otherwise. They are protected because they will be underground. But have no regard for the public, who they know will soon be in panic.

Going back to verse eight in Matthew 24: “All these are the beginning of labor pains, then they will hand you over to persecution and they will kill you. You will be hated by all nations because of My name. And then many will be led into sin, they will betray and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and deceive many. And because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold, but the one who perseveres to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world to witness to all nations, and then the end will come.”

As you go down this list, dear Heart Dwellers, everything on it is happening right now before your very eyes. The Lord has told me “Any minute.” He is not saying soon anymore. Ezekiel asked Him, My minute, or Your minute? Jesus answered him, “Your minute.” And here are some facts for you so that you will see how profoundly serious a situation we are in because the mainstream media is telling nothing of what is going on.

The government is not being honest about serious earthquakes, just like in the movie 2012. And by the way if you have not seen it yet, I suggest you do it is exactly accurate. I have watched quakes pop up at 4.5 right on the San Andreas fault, five minutes later, they are gone. Just yesterday that happened, so I changed my notification settings from four to three and found they had downgraded it and that is why it was not in my quake feed. It could have been legitimate but then it could have been the narrative that everything is simply fine and dandy. The fault is letting off gas, but the officials blame it on rotting fish. Of course, they are not going to tell the millions who live there, “Hey, you could be dead tomorrow.” The San Andreas fault is ready to go.

Sulfur-sensitive water is the first sign of a large earthquake, and it occurs several weeks before the event, and a seismologist said, “It is possible to predict an earthquake is coming based on the sulfur smell.” And yet we hear these narratives about rotten fish, nothing to see here. Well, that is what is going on in California right now, all up and down California they are smelling rotten, something rotten in the air, and it is sulfur dioxide.

My precious family if you are in California, please prepare yourself to meet the Lord. You should be doing that anyway. Or move out, it could happen at any time, God in his great mercy is warning you, people who live in California, the big one is coming anytime! Please, pay attention to that.

The Nibiru Planet X System, the one that they say is a conspiracy theory, it is coming full cycle on its orbit around our sun, so it is closer to the Earth, and some believe the magnetism is so great that it is causing all the planets in our solar system to heat up on the inside, including ours. These red sandstorms that are occurring around the world right now have nothing to do with Africa. This is what I have been told: That Earth is struggling to be in alignment with Nibiru, which has a massive magnetic pull. While that is happening, Planet x or Nibiru is releasing iron oxide protons that are magnetically drawn to the Earth. You really cannot see this happening, but these red dust storms are an accumulation of those.

Planet X or Nibiru is actually a planet that is rotating around another sun, the dark dwarf star called Nemesis, which has a total of three planets rotating around it -Nemesis, Helion, and Urberta. Nibiru has a moon called Ferata, and Helion has a moon called Herrington. All together the solar system has six bodies, which are rotating together around our sun. some say this little solar system comes new to the Earth every three thousand five hundred years and creates havoc because of its magnetism which interferes with the stability of our solar system. Disruption is magnetic and causes all kinds of issues, like a magnetic horse that surrounds the Earth. There is also another mysterious force hitting the Earth, pulses, which are causing the core to heat up.

According to Mike from Around the World on SoundCloud, we are in for a very big event involving the different parts of the ocean that have heated up so much they have had to re- direct shipping lanes not only because the water was so hot, also because they were putting off methane gas that actually see like a brownish cloud hovering over the ocean in a place, and that has no buoyancy whatsoever so if you sail a ship to that brown cloud you drop straight to the bottom of the ocean.

The Earth’s core is getting so hot the volcanoes are coming alive all over the world. Just today, Wednesday, October twenty-first, 2021, a huge volcano, also in Japan, exploded out of nowhere. A green laser like light was seen just before the explosion, going straight down into the Chalara. And a photographer was in just the right position to shoot the explosion. Funny how that always seems to happen, like at the Twin Towers, it certainly sounds like laser was involved in this, but I am not a not an expert. Mike from Around the World on SoundCloud is an expert. We are now entering the debris field of Nibiru in which there an untold number of meteors that will storm the Earth. That could fulfill the Revelation prophecy of fire alling from Heaven, as well as the many messages the Lord has given us about fire falling from the sky. It is also known that an incredibly large asteroid is headed towards Puerto Rico which may very well knock the Earth off its axis. The Earth is now wobbling on its axis.

Land masses are surfacing, islands are popping up, some are rising thirty-five feet. New islands are being formed that displaced the water that should cause the cur sons to change on water to come up higher on the land. Brother Mike was showing me a picture of one of the islands where just a chunk of land suddenly sliced straight up in the air, thirty-five feet without any warning at all, just happened. Recently at Iwo Jima land is rising and bringing up sunken vessels from World War Two. Ships are being re-routed so they will not sink in the methane gas which is coming up from under the ocean floor and volcanic activity.

The Chinese and Middle Eastern terrorists have passed over the Mexican border by the hundreds, guys, by the hundreds, and the Chinese have purchased billions of dollars of real estate, high rises, including national parks.

There is an active war going on in Taiwan with China and the U. S. and the Allied forces, but nobody is talking about it. There have been casualties, the Chinese sunk one of our ships, and we shot down several of their aircraft. Ezekiel caught this on a military channel before they took it down. Of course, our mainstream media, being in the pay of China and the CCP have not said a word about it. Russia and China’s presidents are getting their people ready for war with America. There are so many Chinese enemy combatants in America they will not even have to invade in some places to get things going. A pop up out of nowhere in our homeland and start shooting. And a massive, gigantic volcano is about to explode, according to Mike from Around the World, and no one is being warned. He is not saying where that volcano is, it is possible that it ties in with the Philippines and Greece, somehow there is a way that system is connected.

They also know about sinkholes that are forming in California. Sinkholes the size of whole cities, they are not warning anyone. These sinkholes are going to give way and just disappear into the earth, but no one is being warned. That begs the question: The enemies of God on earth have something they call Agenda 2030 which is to reduce the Earth’s population by two-thirds, I believe, by 2030. And no, it is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy reality.

COVID shots are a mixed bag, in one batch they are different shots, you would be lucky to get the saline and not the other two deadly ones. The CCP disease was created not only to depopulate the world but also to mandate the Mark of the Beast. This is only a trial run to see who will be compliant little doodies and who will fight against it. Some manufactured masks and the test swabs are infected so if you wear them they could give you COVID and Morgellons’ Disease. Please make your own masks. And I listened to Mike from Around the World tonight and he said, do not walk of your job. Fight the mandates in court if you have to but do not walk off your job because they have other people trained to take over your job and they are not from this country and they do not have our interests in mind it is not necessarily a moral government that these people are being taken from and trained up to be put in the jobs that people are vacating in America. They are not schooled anywhere near as well as the nurses and doctors and different people here, but worse that that we are going to have people from another country running this country in no time at all if everyone just dives out of their job. It is better to fight it, stand and fight it and hold on to your job and fight the mandate.

America is truly on the edge of civil war over these ridiculous mandates that are destroying businesses and schools and every family’s livelihood. People are boiling hot over the way their lives are being destroyed by these mandates. Paul Begley, if you can pass over his dramatic reactions, they are cute, really has very extensive and accurate information he does a lot of research and he gets his information from particularly reliable sources. It can no longer be hidden, we are entering into an unprecedented meteor storm of an immense size that relates to Planet X and Nemesis, the dwarf star. We have never been in this place before and the E earth will be devastated with the space rocks hitting and causing fires and other kinds of damage. Some will not be on fire but will land cold, but many will be on fire. They just had some in South America that landed and caught a whole area of land on fire.

The huge iron oxide dust storms will inundate the land and poison the water. These red sandstorms that they are talking about are not coming from the Sahara. The weather phenomenon brought wind speeds of 80 miles per hour to many parts of the Archipelago and shrouded cars and buildings in red sand dust. On the smaller island of La Palma fierce winds tore down lampposts and palm trees and a wall on a main road, burying parked cars. This is not normal. They are trying to make it look like just another abnormal, normal weather event, but is part of an entire system that is coming in, that we are coming into and is linked to serious meteorological, apocalyptic events. The sandstorm reduced visibility so heavily in some places, that many roads were closed and drivers who did venture out crawled to a halt as they struggled to see.

These iron dust storms will poison waters all over the world. And as I mentioned before, they are iron oxide particles coming from Planet X, or Nibiru. I explained that a little more someplace in this report. And dear ones, the recent alliances between the new Afghanistan government throughout the Middle East with China and Russia and Iran could be the fulfillment of prophecy about the ten and seven nations that will be lined up against Israel.

I do not know if you have seen anything about how New York, or even in Europe, in China is flooding. If you have not seen anything like that you might want to look at The Two Preachers. They collect clips about these things from all over the world and these, this flooding that is taking place, I mean in New York City, piling up cars, and in other cities in America the flood is so severe, that the cars are being swept down with the waters. And why is that? It is because all weather systems over that area rather than taking the rain and moving across the land with it, it stalled above a certain area. In some places like in Greece and France that I have seen already; they have a years’ worth of rain in one day. And things are just devastated from the rain. The subways in New York City and around the world are flooded, people are standing on chairs trying to get away from the water in these underground subways. And they had all kinds of clips of water pouring out of toilets, water that was a foot deep in a house or an apartment in New York City. It is unbelievable! In China near the Three Gorges Dam, it was unbelievable how the water was sweeping away buildings on both sides of the river. This is not normal! This too is the effect of that system with Nibiru on the planetary shifts and the Earth heating up. It is not on mainstream media but channels like Whion out of India are starting to show it all. Also, The Two Preachers have collected clips from all over the world.

These fires that have been happening around the world are being caused not only by droughts, because of stalled weather systems they are not getting any rain, not only by that but by meteor storms falling into forests and setting them on fire and we are coming into this right now, guys, within the next week, within the next month or so we are going to be seeing meteors commonly falling from the sky, on fire, just like the Scriptures say.

There are huge serpents, you know how the Lord talks about in Revelation how the animals will even turn against man? The Scriptures talk about how animals will also turn against man because of their sinfulness. There are huge serpents, eating the manatees in Florida, in the Everglades, they are eating everything. Some of these serpents, these snakes, are nine feet, not long, not nine feet long, nine feet in diameter, a cross section of the serpents that are out there, eight to nine feet wide. Unbelievable! This again is mentioned in Revelation 6:8 “So I looked, and behold, an ashy, pale horse, black and blue, as if made so by bruising, and its rider’s name was Death, and Hades, the realm of the dead, following him closely. And they were given authority and power over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with plague, pestilence, and disease, and with wild beasts of the earth.”

So, here is a breakdown of the sequence of events leading up to the Rapture with the information we have currently. We are no longer using guns and bullets in war, lasers, electromagnetic devices to shift weather, precipitate volcanoes, and earthquakes, spread killer diseases and worst of all use the mainstream media to keep peoples’ minds poisoned with disinformation and asleep while they place their Amazon orders and work hard to pay them off.

Dear ones, I have shared with you the different real dangers and conspiracy realities, which plague our world right now as the evil ones work to kill two-thirds of mankind. All these super powers know what’s going on with demon aliens, and the Earth’s tectonic plates, and deadly weather patterns, and incoming meteor storms and asteroids, there are massive, city-sized sink holes ready to drop, all over the nation, not just California and the approach of Nibiru and the meteor storms, they know it all and are trying to lull us to sleep with lies. So, we can wake up one day to death and chaos.

Here is one scenario that is possible:

China has built up a huge population in America.

The San Andreas fault is letting off sulfur dioxide, which is a precursor to a big quake, and about to sink a huge portion of California, our enemies could set it off, and the New Madrid fault line splitting the US in two could also be set off by our enemies, killing millions or both happening simultaneously leaving us totally devastated. We are drawn into a war with China and Russia over Taiwan where we have military and billions of dollars’ worth of weapons and troops that could be destroyed by their non stoppable supersonic missiles for which we have no defense.

In our weakened state they could begin to attack us. Or they could wait for a tsunami to hit on the East coast, whether it is set off by lasers on the ocean floor, or La Palma being tweaked by a weapon to totally collapse, New York City on the East Coast being hit with possibly a nuclear weapon and a barrage of those ultrasonic weapons which we could not altogether stop, in any case, they are just biding their time until God’s judgement falls on America and we are weakened and more vulnerable than ever before in history.

The enemy and the Communist party have already settled thousands and thousands of Chinese and Middle Easterners in different business, ready to respond at any time to the call, along with Muslim extremists who also live under cover here. The mainstream media is in the pay and discourages any kind of patriotism, ridicules it, while promoting Chinese Communist agendas. You see, Satan does not care how he destroys the Earth if he can harvest billions of souls for Hell. Today he will use the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, tomorrow he will use the Muslims, the next day use our rotten political system, the next our financial institutions, the next day deadly disease…he does not care, if the job is done, souls harvested for Hell and an atheistic planet Earth. That is what he is trying to do. He already has spread Satan worship all over the world and they are at work in the very fabric of daily life, at every level, from the waitress that serves coffee in a diner to the President.

My dear Heart Dwellers, these are but a few of the signs that reveal that we are entering into the end times.

Lord Jesus, I have said a lot, but I really want to hear from You. Lord, please tell me what is on Your heart and mind.

Jesus began,

“My people, because I love you so dearly, I am making a way for your lives to be way they should be. An environment of justice, encouragement, equality, support, apprenticing and learning and family environment that is pure, chaste, loving, where fathers are fathers and mothers’ true mothers. In order for this system to arise, the Earth must be cleansed of all the evil mankind has done with Satan’s influence. And what they have accomplished to destroy righteousness from the Earth to pervert families, destroy the innocence of children, and to make monsters of men and women who are wholly taken over by the worst evil imaginable. I must separate the wheat from the chaff and remove the filth that has dominated the earth. It all needs to go. It needs to be burned and buried, never to arise again. I am coming to prepare the Earth for My reign, but first the cleansing and annihilation of evil.

“I have taken great pains to inform you ahead of time of the signs of My coming. You are now seeing the very things I told you would happen on this Earth before the Rapture of the church. After this, evil will accelerate, and the final confrontations between light and the darkness will take place. After that I will tie Satan’s hands along with all his demons for the thousand-year reign. You may wonder why it must be loosed after the thousand years. The answer is simple. During this time, the evil seeds in mankind will be sown and come to the surface and I will make a permanent end to evil at that time.

“Please be patient with Me and this process. Be brave and valiant. Cleave to Me, and even forsake your life to be with Me in Heaven. I promise you; you will not regret it. I entreat you, my dear ones, go about your life as if you did not exist. Live only for others, give until it hurts, do not worry about anything. My Father in Heaven is proud of you, and He will sustain you until it is time to come home. Be fearless, after all, what can they do to you? If you are living for Me alone, you know that to be absent from the body is to be present with Me in Heaven.

“I will give you courage in that hour. I will never turn my back on you or forsake you, because I have loved you with My very own life. Therefore, in that hour, there shall be such a rescue as Stephen had even at his death. Be fearless and filled with love. I am yours and you are Mine and nothing can separate us.”

And that was the end of His message.

And just a note, we are still buying firewood for the families, we could use a little more help to reach out. The number of people needing heat has increased.

The Lord bless you, dear ones, thank you for taking care of us, and please pray for those who are not
prepared for death.

This next week could be a profoundly serious week with La Palma continuing to disintegrate and other volcanoes starting up in Indonesia, Japan, and around the world. So please, keep people in prayer, especially those you know are at risk of perishing.

The Lord bless you, dear ones, we are in this together. Amen.

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