Lisa’s Dream: Due Date Delayed

December 2, 2021

Hi brothers and sisters, this is Lisa.  I wanted to share with you guys a dream that I had November 24th, and I feel like this dream was confirming the Lord’s delay in coming. 

In my dream, I dreamed I was pregnant, and I was VERY pregnant.  In fact, it was my due date, and I was at a doctor for an appointment.  The doctors and nurses wanted to induce me because I wasn’t having any contractions like I should be having. 

A nurse came to check on me and I felt the baby in my tummy, and I told the nurse, “Are you sure I’m due?  The baby seems small to me!”  I felt strongly in the dream that my baby wasn’t ready to be born yet and I felt protective of the little one in my womb.

The nurse measured my tummy, and she was also concerned about how small the baby was.  She went to talk to a doctor then came back and sat down and started eating chips while she pondered what would be the best thing to do. While she was thinking my gaze strayed out the window and I saw my children with a bunch of other children playing in the yard.  They were lost in their games and having so much fun.  I looked back at the nurse, and I saw two baby tigers behind her, and then I woke up. 

So that was my dream.  I asked the Lord about the interpretation and everything and I believe the baby tigers represent Russia and China.  And I believe them being baby tigers just means that God is in control of the situation with Russia and China.  And I don’t believe they’re going to be able to act until the Father gives permission.

And I believe that the nurse may represent America.  She was eating chips in my dream and Mother Elisha has told us before that eating food in a dream means witchcraft.  Also, she was sitting and waiting in my dream, the nurse was.  And if she represents America, I just feel like it represents America sitting and waiting and into witchcraft and not doing what she’s supposed to be doing. I believe being pregnant in the dream represents the Harvest of souls.  And it being my due date, I feel like that means it was time for the Rapture.  But I wasn’t having any contractions yet, meaning that God the Father is still holding back the Tribulation.  And I believe that the baby not being big enough yet means Jesus is still wanting more souls for the Harvest when He comes.

And when I glanced out the window and I saw the children playing, I believe that that’s the Lord musing over all of His children who are still playing around and aren’t ready for His coming yet.

So that was my interpretation of the dream and Mother Elisha asked me to share it with you guys.  And I’m sure you guys have probably heard Mother Clare’s video about the story of a pastor who had an encounter with an angel.  And the angel told him, “Do you know what happened in Heaven today?”  And the pastor was like, “What happened?” And he said, “God the Father was very angry with mankind and He told the angels to blow the trumpet, but Jesus fell down and started bleeding fresh blood and begged God’s mercy, and God said, I’ll give you one last chance or some more time or something like that.  And Jesus hurriedly told the angels to go quickly and tell the world that He’s coming soon and that they need to be ready.

So, I feel like my dream was a confirmation of Mother Clare’s messages about the Lord’s delay.  And the Rhema I got concerning this message was, “Your tomorrow is not guaranteed.”  And I just feel like there’s so much evil that the Father is holding back right now, and it’s only because of His mercy that the Rapture and Tribulation haven’t started.  And so, I believe that He wants us to use our time well and to work while we still have the light and to do all that we can to bring souls into His kingdom.  And I just wanted to encourage you guys with this dream to keep working while we have the light so that Jesus will be proud of us when we meet Him in the clouds.

God bless you all!

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