Journal Entry: Teach Your Brother Spiritual Warfare

November 27, 2021

Hello, brothers, sisters, and Heartdwellers family. May you all be blessed.

It’s been a real adjustment having our new brother stay here with us in the house and he also brought with him his lovable dog named OJ. He looks like a pit, growls. and barks like a pit but is a huge teddy bear inside. He is very protective and a lovable dog. Anyone in the community knows that is one virtue I did not get from St. Francis yet—is the love of animals. To me animals are how some see children—you can babysit one of a few hours —but you don’t want your own. Yup that is how I have seen animals for a long time. They are cute to pet and to hang with for an hour, if that, but after that, I need my space and my time. However, with OJ it’s different, he really has a soft place in my heart.

This past week our brother got a job cutting trees with a contractor. He takes OJ with him every day to work because he says he helps them by barking at other animals who may be near. On this particular day, OJ came back from work with our brother and had a bad day. Another co-worker brought his female dog up there and she and OJ got into a fight. He got bitten on his face as well and was put in the doghouse, quite literally, because he started the fight.

When they got home, he told us about the incident, and we scolded OJ gently, when he came home, telling him not to touch girls, but I don’t think he understood us. However, the next day he began to act a bit weird. He seemed dehydrated drooling at the mouth but not eating or drinking any water. Our brother thought maybe it was because they had him sit in the car for the rest of the morning when the fight happened and maybe he didn’t get enough air. Then we thought the next day he would be better, but he acted the same for the next three days. We began to get concerned and wanted to take him to the vet when it hit the third day because loves food, and he wasn’t eating, or nothing indulgent even moved him when we put it right at his nose.

Our brother got a Rhema a couple of nights before that said, “bind a spirit of witchcraft and juju”. He said he had rough night but was feeling better. I told him this Rhema is a “now” word so he needs to bind that spirit and maybe that could be what is causing him to make so many bad mistakes in his life. I was firm with him to take it seriously, but it seemed he shrugged it off. Then on in the morning of the third day of not eating, I was before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and Holy Spirit immediately made it known to me that what was oppressing OJ was a curse from witchcraft and juju. I went to the Bible Promises got “Joy”. I immediately got Holy water, and the Binding Prayer and went into Sister Ruth’s room where OJ was staying. I told her what the Lord revealed, and we began to bind, rebuke, and speak in tongues while laying hands on. After intently praying, we tried giving him something to eat but he still wasn’t getting up. I knew the prayer still broke something, and if he had to go to the doctor now, whatever medication he received would work because there was no curse hanging over him to block it.

The following morning, now the fourth day, OJ sprang up, fully restored, and rushed to his bowl to eat. Sister Ruth and I began to praise the Lord and thank him for delivering OJ!

After prayer, I drove straight into work again because I was so behind. I went to the Lord for discernment about something else and I got “Laziness” and I knew it was about me not coming to him to listen for a message. So, I stopped what I was doing and came before Jesus.

Lord, forgive me. Why is it so hard for me to come to you in the morning to hear from you? It’s like there is a sense of fear, uncertainty unsure of what you’re thinking or what you’re going to say as if it’s up to me to come up with something. Maybe it’s pure laziness, as you mentioned. Forgive me, Lord. Blessed Mother, please help me to come to the Lord daily. Forgive me, Lord.

Jesus, what’s on your heart?

Jesus began,

“My beloved, it’s very important that you come to me daily. I cannot stress that enough—not only for your flock, but for your own good. As you are preparing to be sent out you will need much counsel from me. And if you veer off by yourself thinking you’ve got this, the enemy will ensnare you easily. Remember, moment by moment and day by day I have a fresh word, and desire to give you much clarification and clarity as to what is ahead so you are not surprised and will have much peace in Me. We are doing all of this together. I know the excitement of new projects are much fun to do, but don’t allow that to take you away from Me or our intimate mornings together. I too, need this you know. I long to communicate with my beloved bride every morning and share my heart with her.”

Okay Lord, please help me to do that?

“All the graces are there, Beloved, just don’t be lazy about it and don’t fear. This fear and anxiety rising up in you are from your lack of trust in Me and uncertainty of what is ahead. Shake it off and bind those demons and come to Me just for us to talk, Okay my little one”

Yes, Lord.

“I am glad you followed my promptings this morning. There was a curse and assignment put upon you all. Don’t you feel better?”

Yes, Lord, I do actually. The pain was so bad this morning.

And guys, I didn’t realize until he said that because I was having chest pain — gas stuck in my chest. this starting happening since last week. The Lord told me it was a curse. Mother Clare prayed over me and it was gone for a few days, but it came back and that day with a vengeance it was until after prayer and the following day realizing now there was immense relief in my chest.

Jesus continued,

“I want you to teach your brother about spiritual warfare and encourage him to say the Binding Prayer daily. He has more enemies than he knows and curses were put on you all for also helping him. He comes from a world infested with possessed souls who have given themselves over to their god, the drugs, and they long to have power and their cravings satisfied. To have him push their drugs to now walking in righteousness and following Me the devils are so angry and so are those who once employed him.”

As an aside, our newest brother used to be one of the leading pushers and drug dealers in the area. But now, he has turned his life around, wanting to follow Jesus.

Jesus continued,

“They want his demise and death for a long time now, but I have kept him, shielded him, and protected him and I will continue to. He must now be wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove, no longer ignorant of the forces around him and the demonic influences.”

At this point I was bombarded with all sorts of thoughts that this was my mind, it wasn’t the Lord and Jesus perceiving that said,

“Keep writing, Beloved. Now that he is entirely mine, he has a target on his back and if he doesn’t equip himself with the simple tools I have provided for all believers, he will suffer tremendously for it. He has a high calling in Me whether he realizes it or not. So, I need you to let him know to take the things I have given him seriously.”

So, Lord was there a curse of death upon OJ?

“Yes, My beloved, that was wise thinking for you to desire to tell his boss to pray over the area he is given to work. Even if it’s just him and Joey, when one or two are gathered I am there and the Holy Angles will go before them to purify the area, break any spell or incantations, and remove any cursed object on the ground. Pray for a discerning of spirits for both your brother and his boss that they would both distinguish good from evil, and his boss would be led by Me as to whom he employees and whom he doesn’t hire. He is a wonderful man and I intentionally and divinely put your brother with him. He will learn much integrity, compassion, mercy, and discipline from him.

“Continue to forge ahead with what you have discerned so far. I am pleased and you are in my will. Go forward bravely and manfully. You have discerned right concerning the Rhema cards they are to be tools used for evangelism and I will continue to give more clarity daily once you come to Me. Remember, always together— we are doing this together. You are not alone. Don’t fear and move forward.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

I can’t wait until everything is ready and we share with you guys what Sister Therese and I have been working on and the new branch of this ministry we will be launching! Thank you, family, for your support and prayers please join me to pray for our brother. It hasn’t been easy, and it’s been taxing on me trying to push him to see the importance of prayer and of taking spiritual things seriously. Please help me to pray for him and pray for me too as well.

We also are in much need of donations for our departure to Ghana so any amount you can give family will help greatly to support this mission. Love you all until the next message.

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