What Happened During Our Halloween Prayer Vigil

November 20, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters Heartdwellers family. May you all be blessed. Thank you so much for all those who have donated to Joey, the father of four. Donations are really pouring in, and I know it will be a great blessing to him and the children.

Although they lost their mother, what a blessing to have a father like that. And what a blessing for him to still have all of his children. Because during Halloween the most horrific things are done to children, and I believe one of the heaviest crosses a parent care carry is having an abducted or kidnapped child. You never have closure, always searching, hoping, then falling into despair, fear, and then the courage to hope again that maybe, possibly, one day your child will come home—especially when you don’t know if they are alive or dead.

On Halloween night I got all of Heartdwellers family together and we did a vigil. The community on the mountain held a vigil and so did we, and many joined us live on Skype to pray and intercede for the children.

Every Halloween many children are killed and tortured in satanic rituals and in mockery of the Lord’s Holy Mass. They do a Black Mass where they sacrifice children and drink their blood in mockery of the Lord’s Holy Blood and Body given in the Mass.

So, we all gathered together for an hour of silent adoration before the Holy Eucharistic being with Jesus, consoling Jesus and in anticipation for him to share his heart with us. Then we did and an hour of intercession speaking in tongues, praying for what the Lord revealed to us. Then at midnight, we all did a cooperate Mass with each priest doing Mass simultaneously with us online. And those who weren’t priests, doing a simple Communion Service as we offered up the service, not only for the children but for the torturers and murderers, that they, too, would be saved.

Because we were before the physical presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, all of Heaven was there and the anointing was so strong. The Lord opened the eyes of many to see in the spirit what was going on and what he was feeling, and he asked me to share what we saw this year.

One of our priests immediately felt a strong impression for us to pray for the parents of these children being sacrificed and many felt the Lord’s sadness and grief.

After an hour of Adoration, we usually share what we saw, and we all realized that the parents of the children were on the Lord’s hearts. So many of them were suffering from the unknown, the despair and the pain of losing their child that they didn’t know was alive or dead.

One of the ladies saw, three little girls in white, then the vision changed to a man holding an infant upside down by the baby’s legs. She knew the child was about to be sacrificed. Another saw a young Mexican girl maybe the age of 5 years old, come and run into her lap, hugging her. Then she told her can you please go to my mother. She then saw herself in a room where a woman was sleeping and very restless. She went to the Mother and set next to her in bed and began to rub her back and tell her that it was going to be okay, that her daughter was fine and in heaven. The Lord then spoke to her personally about a situation that was very close to home for her. A good friend of hers had lost her son and was still holding on the fact that he still may be alive. The Lord told her that night that the friend’s son had died and was now with him. As tears streamed down her eyes.

During my time of silent Adoration, I saw Jesus bent over on all fours crying. It was a little dark at first, then I looked around and realized we were on a beach. I was late evening, and the sun was just about to set. I knelt down beside him and just wrapped myself around him as he was heaving in tears, His body shaking. He then said to me, “Help me bury them, please help me bury them.” I didn’t fully understand what he meant until he finally turned to me, and I realized underneath him was a little body wrapped with white linen from head to toe.

He handed me this body, and as I held this little body in my arms and tucked it close to my bosom, I immediately had a vision of what they looked like, their lives and what happened. This was a young Caucasian boy, with brown hair, at five or four years of age. He was killed in a satanic ritual and dismembered. When the horrific scene of what happened to him began, I immediately pulled him slightly away from my bosom because I couldn’t take it. I then noticed there about five angels hovering over Jesus and me. They were so sad, with heads bowed down as one reached to take the boy from my arms. One of the angels flew next to a wooden coffin that was floating on the water, while another angel put flowers over the little body. Once it was in the coffin, they pushed it away from them to float into the ocean. It was such a somber scene. It reminded me of a scene from the movie “The Shack” when the Father had to finally give the body of his child to Jesus to bury and they released the body on the water.

Then the Lord handed me another body. This one was a bit heavier and longer, as I held the body to my bosom. I then saw a young teenage girl, maybe 16 with blond hair. She grew up in a good home where she was loved but fell for a bad boy with wrong intentions. She skipped out one night to go to a party and they drugged her drink and then she was abducted and brought into sex trafficking and killed. I then gave the angel the body of this girl and they laid her in the coffin and did the same thing as she was released and floated away in the water.

Another body was handed to me, as I held the body to my bosom. I saw a teenage black boy about 18 years of age, He had short dreadlocks, his name was Tory. He left for school and never came back. I saw an older kid watching him in his neighborhood for a while and then he too was abducted and eventually killed. I then handed the angels his body as they took it, put it in the coffin, with flowers and sent it away.

I was then handed a body, which seemed like an adult. I saw Jesus also hand a body of a small infant to the angel. Again, when I put this body close to my bosom, I saw it was a woman who was pregnant, so full of joy and expectation with a baby boy on the way, his name was Jay. As I saw the baby shower and family members so excited about this new addition to the family. Then I saw this picture decay before my eyes as I knew that she had been killed, actually years ago like in the 1980’s, and so was her infant, which is the body Jesus handed to the angels. They put her and the baby together in the coffin and let them go.

Then the last body given to me was not one but two toddlers. I could tell by the size as I held them close to my bosom. I saw their faces, they were so adorable, with big eyes, big cheeks, and with black curly hair and a smile that would light up the room. There were twin sisters, loved very much by their parents but were also abducted and killed. Jesus continued to cry sobbing as he left the two children in my arms. I then gave them to the angel, and they did the same thing. I asked Jesus about the body of water the bodies were drifting on, and he said to me, “These are all the tears of the victims and that of the family members and loved ones who have cried for them. I thought wow it was so much water that it looked like an ocean.

Jesus then said to me, “Now go with me, help me to comfort their loved ones. Today is the day of closure for all of them for they will finally get to know that their loved ones have passed on and this was a ceremony taking place in the hearts of the closest loved ones so that they can finally let them go. Go with me and bring them my peace and comfort.”

So, I was taken to Tory’s mom’s house. I saw her in a chair holding one of his t-shirts with his face on it. She had missing persons’ posters and photos of him on her shelf. He had other siblings, but he was still on his mother’s heart, and she had hoped against hope that he was alive. When I entered the room, she didn’t see me, but there were angels there ministering to her and she broke down sobbing in tears holding his t-shirt with a knowledge from the Holy Spirit to her conscience that he was gone. She needed to let go and receive comfort from the Lord. I came around the side of the chair and slipped my hands down the chair to touch her back as I said peace, peace, it’s going to be okay. The angels poured something on her, and her sobbing died down and she felt profound peace.

Then I was in another home, in a room, and I saw a young girl wake up from sleeping crying and calling out to her mother. The mother came into the room hurriedly and she just kept repeating I miss her mommy I miss her so much. I knew it, was the girl with the blonde hair, her sister, and her mother who held her and cried as she rocked her little sister back to sleep. She then went into her bedroom and just plopped on the bed sobbing and sobbing. I saw ministering angels helping her as I wrapped my arms around her and comforted her while speaking peace over her.

Then I saw an older man walk past a drawer, he opened it up and had the picture of the young lady who was pregnant. It was an old baby shower photo with the balloon with the words “Jay” written on it. He paused for a moment startled to find the picture there as tears began to stream down his cheeks as he touched his heart. I knew he was the former boyfriend of that lady and the father to the young infant who was never born. I knew had moved on and was now married with his own children, but that pain was still very deep. I then saw ministering angels come to him and he too had a knowing that she was truly gone as I wrapped my arms around him as well, to comfort him and spoke the words of peace.

Lastly, I saw a man on a patio deck. He was a tall black guy, and he was in deep thought and much pain was on his face. He was holding a photo tightly to his chest and I heard Jesus say, pray for him to forgive, to forgive me. I could hear the sadness in Jesus’ voice as I was a bit startled when he said that and then I saw his wife a told blond hair Caucasian woman come beside him and rub his back. She pulled his hands away from his chest and in the picture were the beautiful twins I had just held. They were so beautiful, and he began to sob. The wife, with tears in her eyes, said “Honey, I know it’s not easy, but we need to trust the Lord.” He pushed her away anger and said “No, I can never trust a God who would allow this.” The wife stood up and walked away wiping the tears from her face and I came up behind him laid hands on his back and just began to pray for him. As I saw ministering angels around him to bring him peace and closure.

Then I came out of the entire vision.

As we all shared with the group, we were amazed how all our hearts were in line with one another and so saddened by the pain of the parents of these children who had been kidnapped and abducted but we found solace in that, that night, the Lord gave such a great consolation. Although painful, they knew that their children and loved ones were gone and could begin to have a little bit of closure in their lives.

So, we all began to pray in tongues interceding for the murders, the torturers, the satanists, and all those involved in the sex traffic rings to be saved. I then saw another vision while praying in tongues of a very popular British actor. He first was shirtless in a dark room, and there were shadows all around him. Demons, I knew they were demons, and he was almost in a spirit of stupor, drunkenness as he handed them a baby infant to be sacrificed. I then saw him again now in a secret meeting with hooded people and then the scene changed to him being hypnotized in a demonic ecstasy as there were doing the most horrific things to a young girl. Even one of his companions couldn’t stomach it, who was at the meeting and walked away. He was completely taken over hypnotized and filled with blood-lust. I came out of the vision with a knowing that he was a high-ranking satanist. He was fully taken over by demons. The wickedness was so bad that I was made to know that if Obama had not been chosen to be the Anti-Christ, it easily could have been him, that is how much he was fully given over to the powers of darkness. He also had secret children, that he birthed solely for the purposes of sacrifice. All of these thoughts came to my mind. I was so dumbfounded and went to Bible Promises to discern if this was from the Lord. I got ‘Joy’. Then the scripture came to my mind: Jeremiah 32:35,

“They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molech, though I never commanded—nor did it enter my mind—that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.”

Then I heard Jesus say, “Pray for Him, I want to redeem him.”

I was sick to my stomach and very shocked. I tried to find the actor’s name on Google by searching images. I searched and searched trying to find him before telling the group but to no avail. So, I just told the group about the vision and to pray for this actor. One of the ladies chimed in don’t worry the Lord will bring up his name. As I thought to myself well, he hasn’t yet and we’re about to pray so just as I was about to have the group pray again in tongues. One of the ladies who joined us online immediately said, Is it Jude Law. My stomach dropped and turned. I googled his image and that is exactly who it was. I was in shock and amazed how present the Holy Spirit was among us and further confirmed what I saw indeed was from the Lord.

I asked her, how did she know that? And she immediately said, when I shared the vision, his name popped in her head and when I said I couldn’t make it who the actor was she felt she had to say his name. Wow, the Lord was faithful to tell us. So, I share this with you, family not for us to judge him but please pray, pray, pray for him. The Lord wants to redeem him! Imagine him turning to Christ and being used in the most powerful way to expose the kingdom of darkness. Please family for those who are priests please do a Lord’s supper for his conversion and for those who are not please do a simple communion service for his conversion and let’s see God move!

These visions and words the Lord gave us were very sobering and I want to encourage you all Heartdwellers to please do something like this on your own every year. Imagine all of us doing a Halloween prayer vigil all over the world in our respective countries. Think of how many souls would be saved, protected and how many parents comforted. Get your friends together and rather than staying at home and not participating in this holiday. Do something. Pray, and do a simple communion with your loved ones and your children. Spend an hour in adoration online from 10-11 pm then from 11-12 midnight, stay in prayer then at midnight do a simple communion service and the Lord will bless it. To end this video I wanted to share with you a clip from a movie to be released this year called Sound of Freedom about Tim Ballard who has an organization called “Underground Railroad,” rescuing sex-trafficked children. We can’t keep this issue far from our minds because it’s on the Lord’s heart daily. The next message will be From Jesus to Mother Clare asking us to adopt a sex trafficked child so let’s respond and co-labor with Jesus to bring these kids home.

God bless you family until the next message.

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