Pray for The Holy Angels

November 11, 2021

Pray for The Holy Angels
Message from Jesus to Brother David

I look up and see angels streaking overhead in the sky, like the movie The Patrioteer, the man who flew with a rocket on his back, and he saved America from a Nazi attack.

Then Jesus begins to speak,

“This is what your country is going through. But I am sending legions of angels. Legions. Myriads…thousands, upon thousands, to protect the little ones. They are, indeed, dear to me. I will move heaven and earth to rescue them.”

Oh, dear sweet Lord, please make me little….

And Jesus continues,

“In times of war, My Glory shines. Satan and his minions will never win. I always win. Always. Always, always. Just pray for My Victory now and watch—watch in jubilation. It is the greatest time to be alive, besides My time on earth. You will see the Son of Man, arise like the dawn, and shine on all the darkness, and it will cast out all wickedness, uproot all evil, and sanctify all hearts. My return is a triumphant one. The souls you have labored for, I will uproot them from the earth. They are mine. They are ours.

“Write it down, out of obedience. Write it down, out of love for Me. Write it down—sing it—paint it—Your God is GOOD, and Mighty to Save. Love, in the end, always triumphs! Prepare My triumphant reign with love. Love, My Son, Love. Let God enter, take over, and consume your heart—your wretched—miserable heart. Let it shine—let it shine! Let it shine— let it shine!”

That was the end of Jesus’ section of this message. A couple of days later he picked up the same theme.

He began, “The sound of footsteps—have you ever heard the sound of a marching army? Terrifying— thundering—a drum that beats to the sound of war—a frightening sound.”


“The demons … you’re seeing the demons.”

Jesus is referring to when I was sitting in my chair after Communion, listening to anything He might have to say to me. I could see all the clouds before me form shapes of demonic heads in the sky and especially a giant dragon, bigger than them all, that took up a whole cloud. It was just amazing to see all these demons take shape in the sky. And I made the sign of the cross over it. And then I saw the demon-clouds part after I made the sign of the cross.

And then Jesus continues, “The angels are pushing them out of the atmosphere. They have been snuffed out. We have engaged the enemy. Pray! Pray for the angels! Pray for their strength, pray for their endurance, and pray for their weaponry. Follow My lead.”

I asked: What are you doing, Lord? Where are you going?

And He asked, “What did women do back home in times of war?”

So, I answered Jesus:

They took over the men’s civilian jobs and kept the nation going. I know they sent bullets over to the armies abroad. They kept the phones going—basically they manned up and even took care of the children at the same time.

After a brief moment Jesus chimed in

“They watched and waited. The hardest part about their role, wasn’t the work. It was the waiting. Sometimes, feeling powerless, and being unable to do anything about it, is the hardest thing. They prayed—they went in spirit—they travailed. Do you know, these are the real heroes? Nothing that happens in the visible, isn’t preceded by something spiritual. Men run off to be heroes while the women stay behind and do the real work. The real war is what goes on behind the scenes. If you knew how much the angels labor to serve you, you would understand how much they are fighting now to win this war.

“Your Novena to the Guardian Angels was pleasing to Me. Make more—many more! Please pray the Rosary for the Warring Angels, they need your help. Pick up your sword, and fight!”

And then I heard Jesus repeat the word, FIGHT… until it got loud! I could hear in His voice how determined and confident He was. The word kept getting louder and louder in my ears… and that was the end of the message.


[Mother Elisha explains] – So this is the Novena Prayer to the Holy Angels. It begins with a prayer, and the petitions for each day, for 9 days. And here, it begins…

Heavenly Father, Creator of heaven and earth, I praise and thank You, not only be- because You have created the visible world but also because You have create the heavens and called the numberless spirits into being. You created them most splendidly, endowing them with power and understanding, and pouring out upon them the riches of Your grace. I praise and thank You for having showered these blessings upon the good Angels, especially upon my Guardian Angel, and for having rewarded them with eternal glory after the time of their probation.

Now they surround Your throne forever, singing jubilantly: Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts! Heaven and earth are full of Your glory. Hosanna in the highest! Eternal Son of God, I honor You as the King of the Angels. Yet You, Yourself, were pleased to take their name and office and to dwell among us as the Angel and Messenger of God. You were the faithful Companion and constant Leader of the chosen people. By Your Incarnation You became the Ambassador of our heavenly Father and the Messenger of the great decree of our redemption. For Your greater glory, loving King of the Angels, I wish to praise and honor Your servants, the Holy Angels, especially my own Guardian Angel.

In union with these Holy Angels, I adore and revere You as my Savior and my God. Holy Spirit, Divine Artist, Finger of God’s right hand, by Your power and love the hosts of the Angels were brought into being to adore and serve God. They do so with constant fidelity and ready obedience. They carry out Your commands with fervent love and holy zeal. Divine Spirit, You also created us in Your likeness and made of our souls Your living temples. I thank You for having given us Your Holy Angels to help, protect, and guide us that we may persevere in Your grace throughout life’s journey and safely reach our heavenly home. Help me to be attentive to their guidance that I may do Your holy Will perfectly and at the same time find true happiness in this life and in the next. Most Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in honor of the Holy Angels, I ask You to grant my special request if it be Your holy Will: [Mention your request].

Novena to the Holy Angels

Day One—Ardent Seraphim, you who dwell in the eternal home of love, unceasingly absorbed in the rays of the Sun of Justice, we beg you in virtue of the Divine Blood, to enkindle in our hearts that holy fire with which you are consumed. St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels, protect us in our combats, that we may not perish in the tremendous judgment of God. Glory be to the Father, and the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Day Two—Bright Cherubim, you who are allowed a deeper insight into God’s secrets, dispel the darkness of our souls, and in virtue of the Divine Blood, give that supernatural light to our eyes that will enable us to understand the truths of salvation. St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels… [Pray Glory Be]

Day Three— Sublime Thrones, dazzling in your beauty, upon whom rests the Almighty and who convey His commands to the inferior Angels, obtain for us in virtue of the Divine Blood, peace with God, with our neighbor and with ourselves. St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels…… [Pray Glory Be]

Day Four— Supreme Dominations, you who have the authority over all Angelic Choirs, and are charged with the execution of God’s orders, rule over our minds and hearts, and in virtue of the Divine Blood, help us to know and faithfully to accomplish the will of God. St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels … [Pray Glory Be]

Day Five—Invincible Powers, whose mission it is to remove the obstacles to the Divine will, and to overcome its enemies, defend us against the attacks of the world, the flesh, and the devil, and in virtue of the Divine Blood, render us victorious in our combats against this triple power. St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels…… [Pray Glory Be]

Day Six—Heavenly Virtues, who watch over the harmony of the material creation, you whose name signifies “Strength,” have pity on our weakness, and obtain for us in virtue of the Divine Blood, the grace to bear with patience the trials of this life. St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels…… [Pray Glory Be]

Day Seven—Sovereign Principalities, you who are the Princes of Nations, we beseech you to guard our Country effectively, that it may realize God’s designs in its regard. Govern our souls and our bodies, and in virtue of the Divine Blood, obtain that we may attain eternal life. St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels…… [Pray Glory Be]

Day Eight—Most noble Archangels, you who, under the command of St. Michael, guard and protect the Holy Church, deign to deliver her from internal and external enemies. Watch over the Holy Father, as well as over all the children of the Immaculate Spouse of Christ, and in virtue of the Divine Blood, obtain for us the grace to live and die in the Faith, Hope, and Charity of Holy Church, so that we may be eternally united with its August Head, Jesus Christ, Our Lord. St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels…… [Pray Glory Be]

Day Nine—Most holy Angels, you whose zeal for the interest of God, wherever they need to be defended, carries you through the universe more rapidly than lightning, protect His cause in our souls, and in virtue of the Divine Blood, obtain for us the signal grave of final perseverance St. Michael, the Archangel, and all the Holy Angels…… [Pray Glory Be]

Conclusion: O most glorious Prince, Michael, the Archangel, be mindful of us, here and everywhere, and always pray to the Son of God for us.

Verse: I will praise Thee, O God, in the sight of Your Angels.

Response: I will adore Thee in Your holy Temple, and I will confess Your Name.
Let us Pray: O God, Who has in an admirable order disposed the ministry of angels and of men, grant in Your goodness that our life on earth may be protected by those who in heaven always assist before Your throne ready to do Your will. Through Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Then it provides a litany of Angels….

I will have this Novena Payer posted in the comment section. And, if you would like a hard copy of the prayer, please email us, and we will email you a hard copy for you to pray along of us, the Novena Prayer to the Holy Angels. God bless you until the next message.

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