Good Morning Holy Spirit!

November 3, 2021

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all receive joy and great faith in the Holy Spirit.

This is a funny story, and I would like to think an entertaining message from the Holy Spirit. I have been feeling him so close and nearer in my walk with the Lord, like never before—it’s quite amazing. I have become so sensitive to his movements. Even with the messages, he has helped me to grow in keener discernment. He is always convicting immediately, now, about anything that displeases the Lord giving me a subtle but strong pain in my heart that comes out of nowhere to get my attention. When that happens, depending on what I am about to do, what I have said, or what I have done that I know it was displeasing to the Lord, and it stops me in my tracks from moving forward. When I rectify my actions, the pain immediately lifts. I find that so amazing because I realize that is a grace of God and his great mercy towards me to help me to do his will moment by moment. Recently when doing messages, I have become so sensitive that as I am typing something out, he will bring the pain to my heart which lets me know what I am typing is coming from my flesh and not from his Spirit. He nudges me that way and it stops me yet again to go back re-read what I have written delete things, so that no part of me enters into these messages anymore.

He even guides me by continue blocking all avenues for me when I am outside the will of God. Whether is me wanting to make a purchase, even help someone whom I didn’t discern properly, he will make sure everything on the site, purchase or donate buttons malfunctions so I can’t give or get what I want, to caution me, “Wrong way, wrong way.” And I get it now [laugh]. It’s NOT the devil—it’s Holy Spirit stopping me.

He is good about cutting off phone calls when the conversations get to long—he wants me to use my time more wisely. Or even those he doesn’t want me to talk to because he knows the motives of the heart of the person I am speaking to and cuts off the phone to save me the heartache. He is quite amazing and so present in these small ways we don’t recognize when the Lord is cautioning us. He is the most amazing helper, helping me to even pick the images for each video when I ask him, helping me find items that I lose—and I lose a lot of things all the time—but it never fails when I simply say, “Holy Spirit, would you please help me find such and such?”

Five minutes later I find it!

I think this is the most wonderful story I’ve had with Holy Spirit because I didn’t know the Lord cared about our “Hair” out of all things. I think all of you will really enjoy this message.

I found myself for the past week or so scratching my head like crazy. My scalp was so dry and so was my hair. As an African American we don’t wash are hair that often—we are not supposed to—because it will dry and break it out actually. So, I always keep my hair in braids for three months at a time, then wash it and re-do it again. I am natural as well, for those listening as an African American many of us perm our hair to be straight and easy to manage. However, ten years ago I decided to chop it all off and grow it naturally like an afro. So, my hair is really curly and thick it takes 3 hours to do my hair. With this life and responsibilities, it’s not worth it to keep my hair out especially now that I have a veil. I just wanted something easy to manage and it helps with vanity as well. You’re talking to a girl who came from the fashion and entertainment world my hair and looks were everything now I’m covered up and so is my hair that took the grace of God, truly!

So back to my scratching my head, it was rough. We would be doing our community Rosary and all I could think of was just getting rid of this hair. One of the days during the Rosary Prayer I had envisioned myself getting scissors and cutting off all my hair off again. For the first time I was like—please, please, Lord let me cut my hair I don’t care anymore. Although when I had cut it ten years ago, I couldn’t wait for it to grow. I had prayed Lord for long hair to my back. With my hair curly it’s really short but when I blow it out it is to my back and long—not healthy— but long. I didn’t care at this point I just didn’t want to deal with my hair anymore. So finally, after the third day of this itchiness I went to the Lord about it, assuming he would love for me to cut my hair, right? That’s what nuns do anyway… However, I got scriptures on “Humility” which mean the Lord was actually saying, no, I should lay down with that idea. I was very surprised and began to make arrangements to buy hair products and pick a day that I would put my work aside and do my hair.

There are particular products I used but now they were so hard to find online. My hair is 4c which means it’s really thick and course so not all African American natural products work for my hair. After searching for a few hours, I finally found my products online. However, it wouldn’t get to me fast enough and would take a week, as I thought about the torture of my itchy scalp. I then went ahead and tried to buy it again. I filled out all the information correctly had the money in my account and the purchase button wouldn’t work…I thought, No Lord what now? I thought you didn’t want me to cut my hair. I began to doubt, thinking this was frivolous, vanity—maybe I discerned wrong. So, I tried again to purchase it—four more times—and nothing. I decided to try a different site and nope, the button wouldn’t work. Then I went to the Lord again thinking, okay, maybe he really wants me to cut my hair but he gave me the scripture, Proverbs 16:31 “Hair that is
turning white is like a crown of honor. It is found in the way of being right with God.”
All I could do was laugh, thinking wow, Lord, really? You want me to keep my hair? Because the inside joke between me and Jesus.

I had asked him to have my hair turn white early after first glancing at this scripture in my earlier years walking with him, I thought to myself, why people are embarrassed to have white hair. It’s a crown of honor and I want that, Lord, please! Have my hair turn white early. I am now going on 37 and I have many gray
hairs than I did when I arrived in this community two years ago, and it is turning white. So, I realized he is answering that prayer and he was reminding me of that.

So, knowing the Lord wanted me to move forward with this I was wondering why he was blocking it. So, I then asked what was going on and got scriptures on “Laziness” with Bible Promises. I thought, hmmm. Now I realize when the Lord gives me laziness, whatever it is I am discerning, he is calling me to do more but I am being lazy about it. So, I thought for a moment realizing well the products would take days to get here and I couldn’t find any way to get it to me sooner because this itchy scalp was really distracting and a pain. So didn’t know what else the Lord wanted me to do about it. Then it hit me, if I am getting “Laziness”, Lord can these products be found here in Taos? So, I went to discern if that was what the Lord was saying—that I was being lazy—rather than buy it online that I should go to one of the stores in Taos to get it.

You see, Taos is not big on African American ethnic or culture so there is no beauty store here— just 1 or 2 main stores in which I haven’t seen the products, but I just asked the Lord if that is why he stopped all the purchases and got, “Joy”. I laughed thinking, really Lord? You care so much about my itchy distracting scalp that you didn’t want me to go through the pains of waiting for the products. Not only that but letting me know there were some products here in town I could purchase today to get my hair done. I thought no way, Lord, you care about those things? I chuckled so hard and had to tell the ladies here in town and we all laughed in awe how much the Lord cares about every single detail. So, I went shopping with Holy Spirit asking him to help me find the products and sure enough I did. We did my hair together that night and I had a restful peaceful not itchy night and day [Laugh].

In the morning I was so full of gratitude and joy and simply said, Good morning Holy Spirit! As I began to converse with him in my heart, he began speaking to me as I poured out my heart of thanksgiving before him saying;

Good morning Holy Spirit!

Thank you so much for filling me with such peace and joy today. I woke up thinking of how good you have been me in all of this. You’re so faithful, so kind and so helpful. My goodness, really you —very involved in the details of my life—helping me to wake up—and even helping me pick the hair products necessary for my hair. Many would think you don’t care about those little frivolous things, but you do! AND THAT AMAZES ME LORD, BECAUSE YOU ARE GOD, yet you care so much to guide me even in that. Thank you for being an amazing helper to me and comforter. Others around me have mentioned how curt and sharp you can be at times, and I have experienced that. But, in all of that you are so kind, gentle, and so helpful. We really don’t turn to you as much as we should to help us with our daily toils, do we Lord?

Holy Spirit began, (Smiling and laughing)

“No—mankind doesn’t because the world doesn’t know me at all. But the chosen ones, they know of Me, but rarely do they call upon me as they should and need to. Good morning, My little dove—good morning, My little sunshine—good morning, My sweet friend.”

Aw, Holy Spirit, you’re so sweet.

Holy Spirit responded,

“Well, that is who you are to Me truly, My little sunshine. Even on days that clouds seem gloomy, I get so excited when you open your eyes because it’s a new day, and each day is like a new life pregnant with experiences and tasks to do throughout your day, that I get to help you accomplish. I do that for all the chosen souls although they don’t recognize it. The more a soul walks in purity the more that I dwell fully in them. So, you see it’s not just a new day for you, but for Me too.”

I pondered on that and said, But you are God, and you know everything. You know what the day will turn out like, what choices I will make and what experiences I will have. Why do You get excited?

Holy Spirit responded,

“Because I get to see it again all through your eyes. It is quite different seeing from my vantage point and yours. When I see from my point of view I know the beginning to the end, but when I see things from your eyes, from your heart it is so exciting and refreshing. It’s a joy to dwell within you, My beloved one. You are not far from the kingdom—from having Me fully possess your every being and your will, and that I look forward to! It truly is a new life—life with and through the eyes of My beloved child—there is nothing quite like it. Imagine your niece, Naomi, and being able to relive life through her eyes. How she gets excited at the smallest thing. A cool ladybug, her joy in seeing people, and helping people especially the destitute and the homeless. How she relishes in playing with her toys and going to school. If you got a chance to experience her day…”

I chimed in—I would be exhausted [Laugh].

Holy Spirit laughed, “Oh, you would be so full—full of gratitude, wonder and joy”.

I see a life of a 7-year-old huh, maybe.

Holy Spirit continued, “‘If you don’t become as that of a little child, you will not inherit the kingdom,’ Matthew 18:3. That is a very true statement for the Kingdom of God is not far, but it is within. Where we dwell in the hearts of those who have made a home for us.”

Thank you, Holy Spirit, and thank you for helping me get the hair products I need. Lord, do you really care about those things? I was so surprised and overjoyed actually, that you would let me know where to purchase the products. I really thought I was being worldly and frivolous thinking you would want me to cut off all my hair for this life I am called to.

Holy Spirit responded, “Well, you are not a kosher nun, are you?”

No, I am not.

“And this is not a kosher religious order. I know every hair on your head, and I know the count. None falls without my consent.”

Then immediately a thought came to my mind, hmm, I should ask how many hairs are on my head, but I brushed it off quickly. Then I thought no, let me ask, so I then asked Holy Spirit, Can you tell me how many hairs are on my head?

“Do you really want to know? One million, four-hundred and thirty thousand, eight hundred and thirty-nine hairs you have…”

Whaaa—shut up, Holy Spirit! [Laughing] You’re so funny amazing!

Holy Spirit continued, “Well, you did ask me, Beloved. We actually like hair.”

As an aside when he says, “We” He is talking about the Trinity, The Father, Son and Him, the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit continued,

“We like everything about you. For you are so uniquely made, and We know how much your hair means to you and for you to want to cut it shows your detachment from vanity. But the Lord’s honor and glory is shown by it. A women’s hair is a crown of honor especially when it begins to turn white. And it’s peppering beautifully already.”

(I smiled thinking this is amazing)

Holy Spirit continued, “So, continue to maintain it, take care of it and be detached from it and you will be just fine.”

And this scripture came to my mind; Luke 12:7 “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many

Holy Spirit, is there anything else you want to share?

Holy Spirit responded,

“Yes, My beloved ones, I want you to encourage everyone with this message to come to Me about the smallest details of their life. I desire to be involved, I am always there to be their helper and their friend, and many don’t perceive or recognize Me in their day-to-day activities, but it is so much more fun to do life with those who do. Many have been taught to fear Me, that I only move in the lives of those called and anointed and worst that I am not a real person at all. But I am.

“Don’t call upon Me just for pious things, but in all aspects of your life, in the things you need. Ask Me to help you wake up with a grateful attitude. Speak to Me saying Good morning Holy Spirit and quiet your heart, even in bed, and wait for my promptings and you just might hear a “good morning” back. Ask Me to help you with your day, guide you in the decision you make and help you with the work or task given to you to do. Ask Me to help you with your children, with your spouse, with cooking, cleaning, with your work at your job.

“Do you have something with your work that has entangled and frustrated you? Ask Me to help you troubleshoot, I am the best problem solver. And don’t always rely on your own decision, come to Me and let’s make the decisions together. Even what you would wear, to what you would eat, to what direction to choose in anything. Rely on Me to lead you, to choose, and make it clear to you the best decision. You will be much happier and when doing any work of any kind ask Me to do it through you, to live through you, to draw others to Christ.”

“When you speak and start conversations ask Me to take over before you speak, to guard your conversations and to speak through you the right words. This will help many of you from gossip, judgments and complaining. This won’t happen overnight, but once you began a habit of asking My help in all things it will become so normal to be included in all that you do. I am also a great reminder.”

Oh, I know how he helps in this all too well.

“For those who tend to forget things easily I walk side by side with you to not only remind you of the words of God, but to bring up task and things that need to be done that you have forgotten. Whether it was something asked of you or medication that needs to be taken. I am the God of requests and I loved to be asked, so ask! And when you finally go to sleep in the night then thank Me for helping you throughout the day. Tell Me your sorrow and joys in your heart. Lay all that expired down resting in the fact what has been done that day is done and looking forward to a new day to begin with Me. Ask Me to protect your sleep, give you rest, heal the areas in your soul that needs healing and help you to wake up full of wonder and joy in the morning.”

That was the end of Holy Spirit’s message.

I hope you guys enjoyed that. God bless you guys until the next message—so ask him, ask him for everything and he will help you!

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