REPOST: What Really Happens on Halloween

October 31, 2021

Hello brothers and sisters and YouTube family. Hope you guys are being blessed.

I received this message the day after Halloween. I was going to put it up immediately. However, the situation in our nation over the Presidential election took precedence with Jesus, so I put up all his messages about the election instead.

On Halloween day in the community the Lord prompted us all to do a prayer vigil into midnight to pray for the servants of Satan, those who celebrate Halloween, and for the precious children who are sacrificed on this day. This is one of the highest satanic feast days, however, in the liturgical churches the following day is known as all Saints Day in honor of all those who are now asleep and alive in Christ in heaven with Jesus. The enemy truly knows how to mimic something Holy
and cause us to lose sight of the true meaning of many things. Also done on Halloween is something called the Black Mass where the servants of Satan do a mock communion to mirror that of Holy Mass as they use the blood of animals or of people to desecrate such a Holy Sacrament. So, all of us priests came together to do a prayer vigil and also to do a Lord’s Supper together against these acts and practices.

When we all came together, we did one hour of silent Adoration and the second hour we went into intercession. The first half hour we desired for the Lord to share his heart with us so we would know how to pray. I began to pray the Rosary in my heart. As I was praying Blessed Mother took me into a vision. First, I was in a dark room looking at a young boy in a metal cage. Who was about the age of 6 years old with dark hair. His heart was beating so fast, and he was panting in terror with his arms stretched out so fearful at the sound of footsteps. It’s like he didn’t know what was going to happen to him. I then began to cry because I could feel the fear, his heartache, and the sense that something bad was about to happen to him. I prayed for the Lord for mercy. I then saw two angels come stand beside the cage of this young boy as I cried praying fervently for the Lord to have mercy upon him and rescue him. I then saw the angels take the young boy’s spirit. They carried him in their arms and took him to heaven before anything could happen. I just cried as tears were rolling down my cheeks thinking, Blessed Mother this can’t be real.

Then I saw another scene unfold before me as I was yet in another dark room but looking at it from a slight ariel view. I heard someone flick a switch as multiple lights in two rows began to come on one by one rapidly. Then I noticed I was in some type of cave, As the lights came on, I saw several prison cells that were right next to each other with plexiglass covering the front of each cell. These prison cells where about a half a mile long so there were hundreds of them in two rows. It seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. However, when I was taken down to look into each cell, they were holding children, mostly teenagers. Some I noticed where holding themselves in a corner terrified, others were standing up in shock holding the cell bars wanting to know what was going on or where they were.

The back of each prison cell was made of rock. I then saw like a trap door at the back of each prison cell open. It seemed as though the kids knew something terrifying was about to happen so many of them didn’t want to leave their cell at all but held on to the bars yelling. However, you could hear nothing. They couldn’t hear each other but they could see one another as they were all in terror. I then saw someone dressed to scare the children into leaving their cells and to go through this trap door behind them. I then was made to know that this was a ritual sacrifice they were doing. A game or sport, where the elite would hunt these children. They wanted them to go through the trap door so they could be hunted and killed. I was in shock as I continued to cry and cry telling Blessed Mother in my heart no, no, this can’t be real! Please, Blessed Mother pray for mercy for the children!

Then I saw another vision where a group of people were hackling and running wildly in the woods. They seemed feverish and thirsting for evil. I was made known that they were witches. Then I saw a young teenage girl running farther ahead of them, she was so terrified and fearful of her life. I realized there were chasing her. Once they finally caught her, they tied her to a tree and killed her senselessly.

These visions ended with me seeing a missing person’s bulletin board with all these missing children. I began to see parents at home who had lost their children who were still full of grief. Some were feeling a sense of hopelessness. Others were prayerful and hopeful they would find their children someday, having no idea what was happening to their children.

When I came to myself, we were all still in silent adoration as I was sobbing silently not believing all I had just seen. I kept telling Blessed Mother how people could do something like this. That this couldn’t be real. It really mirrored many of the terrible popular movies like The Purge and Hunger games.

As we went into the second half of the hour in intercession, I shared with the community what I had seen as two other members also received a word from Blessed Mother. Once I shared with them what was going on we all began to weep and pray and just weep and pray. Crying out for God’s mercy for those who do these terrible acts and for the precious children. We ended the prayer vigil somberly but with great hope God had heard us and grateful to Blessed Mother for revealing what really happens on Halloween night. That morning I couldn’t get the images and the visions from my mind and heart. After prayer I felt Jesus wanted to speak to me about it. I came before him saying;

Good morning, Lord. Sorry I seem so frazzled and all over the place today. I’m a bit anxious about returning home, but I trust in you Lord.

Jesus responded,

“Remember, we are traveling together, and I go before you. There is no need to worry, my glory and my will, will prevail no matter what it looks like or what you are faced with.”

Here, guys, Jesus is speaking of my trip. I will be going back home for a sibling’s wedding. I was very surprised when he told me it was His will for me to go and officiate the wedding. It’s such a privilege and honor, but, at the same time, I am now returning back home with my new name, new habit and uncertain of what I will face. So, Jesus is addressing these feelings.

Thank you, Lord. Was it your idea for me to submit to whatever is asked of me?

Jesus responded,

“Yes beloved, I want you to be in the moment. So, submitting to all that is asked of you will please me very much because you will be submitting to my will. I am always using others to be a sanctification tool for you. So don’t go there with your ideas and direction in mind but do whatever is set before you and do whatever is asked of you, for you will be doing it unto to me—which allows me to move freely in the work I want to do with all of those around you.”

Okay Lord, please, I ask you to give me strength of heart and mind for me and my companion when we go.

Jesus responded, “That I will do beloved one, don’t worry”.

Okay Lord, I felt you had some words on your heart to share with me concerning all the heinous things that happen to the children on Halloween. I couldn’t stop crying. It felt as though it was something out of a movie. Lord, please help us to really understand and teach us how to pray against this.

Jesus began,

“My beloved ones, Halloween is not just any holiday. What began as a Holy day instituted by my early Church, inspired by my Spirit, has turned into the most heinous day of blaspheme among those in the kingdom of darkness. You see, Satan and his demons have always tried to profane the Holy by deceit and commercialism that has even seeped into my church. This day was intended to honor and pray for your loved ones who have fallen asleep in me. It is not the same as praying for the dead, for anyone who dies in me still lives. Just as I asked Martha the same question when Lazarus die, I ask you, do you believe that—that I am the resurrection and life and anyone who believes in me, even when they die, they will not die?”

John 11:25-26, “Jesus said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?‘”

Jesus continued,

“It is a time where your loved ones who are with me cannot pray for themselves, but you can pray for them, and they can receive infinite graces upon them for your prayers. As I continue to tell you, My beloved ones, that my body is not divided on earth separate from heaven. There is one body in heaven and in earth of which I am the head. They intercede for you unceasingly while you can also pray for them. Since Satan knows this, he has worked ferociously to continue to cause division, in My body, and worse, to desecrate every Holy tradition in my church. So many would be fooled into thinking what I instituted, originated from him, making it evil and sinister. So many believers stay away from the truth in fear.

“Then he gets his servants—henchmen—to do the most wicked, detestable things to souls, targeting children because of their purity, and feeding off their fear which feeds the demons. Fear is their spiritual food and the more they can insight fear the more they take dominion over a soul and how they have succeeded for so long on this day. They have coined the term “trick or treat” and that is exactly what they do My beloved ones. Trick these children into becoming their treat, in child sacrifices, in human hunting games, in horrific tortures that you can’t imagine, just to produce Adrenochrome which is a drug for the elite, getting high of children’s fear and many of them drinking their blood. My beloved ones, it’s too much for even me to bare. How mankind has become so degenerate and wicked to kill these innocent ones.

“Many of the abducted children you see on the missing persons poster boards are used in this way. This has been long going on even in the early centuries. But all this wickedness was done underground in secret. But this generation has given reign to such wickedness and has been so desensitized that now they do it publicly. No longer ashamed of their demonic traditions and dark ways, but making it public under the guise of entertainment, for all the world to see and conditioning many more souls to follow in this path of darkness. Many unknowingly give themselves over to Satan and his servants with seared conscience and causing the hearts of many to wax cold.

“Just as I love to forewarn My people prophetically before something takes place, Satan, too, has indoctrinated his servants with that same creed by sharing with the public what they intend to do before they do it.

“My beloved brides, it’s time to wake up—wake up from your slumber and be fooled no more. I don’t approve of any fall harvest, any celebration in My body that mimics that of the world’s version of Halloween. I don’t approve at all, but what I do desire is for my people to consecrate that day as Holy unto me. Staying in your homes, thanking me for keeping the lives of your children and praying for those that will be sacrificed and killed that night. It could’ve have easily been your child that night.

“Do you know how I cry hearing the moans, tears and prayers of parents who will never see their children again? The torment they go through not knowing if their child is alive or dead having no idea the horrific things done to them. Some are kept alive for years in the torcher chambers of the wicked and some only live a few days.

“Some will say, ‘But you are God why would you allow it? Why don’t you save these children?’ And I tell you, My dears ones everything works out in the unfolding of redemption. I redeem everything, even what the enemy intends for evil I use for my glory. Yes, I can use such wicked, such pain for my glory. Many of these souls consented to this before they left Me in heaven. They are in my perfect will and their blood cries out as those of the Martyrs, for they will be with me in glory before the Father’s throne day and night, glorifying Him.

“Their lives laid down are used to release immense graces to save their captors and bring salvation to their enemies. Once in heaven I allow many of these children to visit their torturers when they are dying, in my great mercy, to tell them they can been forgiven and to receive God’s mercy. These children have brought so many servants of Satan home, My beloved ones. So many that you would praise me instead if you knew how I have used the enemy’s plans, for good!

“So, all is never lost, but I desire for my brides to no longer feed into the enemies plans and celebrate his holiday. Going alongside him, celebrating such a dark holiday. However, I desire My brides to be ready to tell even your children, not in detail, but that there are children who are harmed on this day. Hold a prayer vigil instead and have your littles one pray for these precious young souls and for those who celebrate this demonic tradition and see what consolation I will provide to you and your little ones. Which will be sweeter than any treat they would’ve received that night. There are many other days you can provide your children with a bag full of candy. Don’t allow the deception of the enemy, pressure, and culture to conform you to the ways of the world. No, I am renewing the minds of my beloved brides and I want my church to returned back to living in righteousness and keeping themselves Holy.

“Pray for these abducted children that they would be consoled, comforted, and receive mercy at the time of their death. Offer every sacrifice and offering for this one thing. Pray for their torturers and the servants of Satan for their hearts to be convicted, contrite and respond to my mercy when I come for them, that they may be saved. Pray that the world, the church, and man who are blinded to the truth of this holiday would wake up do not judge them but pray that they would have a sense of deep grief, of grieving the Holy Spirit, and let go of man’s traditions and follow me. Pray for the parents of the abducted children that they would be consoled, and my peace will reign in their hearts—and to endure such a heavy cross that they have to bear. Pray that the demonic filters and influences will be removed and no longer permitted in your nation through entertainment, movies, video games, shows, and even cartoons for the children. Pray!”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Father, I just thank you for this word. May your word go forth and not return void.

Jesus, we lift up, right now, these precious, precious souls who are locked up in chambers, who are locked up, imprisoned within darkness Lord. I just pray, right now, for the children. Please console them, comfort them. We send Holy Angels right now to those who have been abducted and we ask for your hedge of protection over them, Lord, and for your mercy at the time of their death, Lord. Please have mercy, Jesus. We pray right now for the children all over the world, especially in the United States. God, please protect these young souls. Help them to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit leading and for the Guardian Angels to protect them to not be abducted. We pray for these souls who have been twisted, Lord, God, by sin and wickedness that torture these children, Lord, and these teenagers. God, have mercy upon them, bring conviction, a holy repentance, Holy Spirit, by Your fire, to bring conviction to their hearts and to just see the errors of their ways, Lord. Remove this obstinacy, Lord God. Remove this dark veil over their eyes. In the Name of Jesus Christ, remove this curse of hardened hearts, Lord. In the Name of Jesus, Lord God, and return many of the servants of satan back to you. We pray for the parents, Lord God, who have lost children. I can’t imagine such a heavy cross to bear. Lord, please bring them comfort, console them, Lord God. Let your peace reign in their hearts, Lord God, that they would know that their children, Lord God, either way, are with you, Lord. And we ask right now that you would expose—you expose, Lord God, what has been going on underground for so long and not in our Nation. Expose this wickedness that is going on. Expose it, Lord God, bring it to the light that many children would be saved, Lord God; that many parents might be consoled, and Lord God that those who are doing these wicked acts would find justice, Lord God—your justice would reign, Lord God, In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, we pray, Lord God. We thank you for this amazing word and we thank you this revelation by Blessed Mother. We ask that you please give our heart and our nation right to remove these traditions of men and this commercialism of Halloween, that has also infiltrated into the church. We pray that Christians would wake up, take a stand for what is truth—take a stand, Lord, with our convictions—and take a stand, Jesus, for you, Lord God and completely no longer celebrate this holiday or feed into this holiday, or even continue to support this holiday by consumerism Lord, in Jesus’ Might Name we pray, Amen.

God Bless you guys until the next message.

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