Jesus Says: There Is Hope For Afghanistan

September 10, 2021

Hello Heartdwellers family. After prayer today, as I received the Lord after doing Holy Communion, I sat with him for a while in thanksgiving then asked, Jesus what’s on your heart?

Jesus immediately began speaking,

“Pray for those in Afghanistan. You cannot imagine the immensity of the suffering. So much is not being broadcasted on the news, but it is horrific—the killings, the fear, the bloodshed, and the despair many have right now. The wickedness of your current President and his team is beyond what many can see or understand. They purposely set this nation up to fall and are working closely with the Taliban militants to implement their thirst for blood and complete destruction of people, governments, and nations so they can Finally rule, and the Anti-Christ, Obama can take his seat. Although the time is near, it is not yet time.

“Many of the souls who are perishing do not know me, My beloved ones, and I grieve for them. However, there are many who are just calling upon god, and, with your prayers, I will come to them and reveal My Name to them that they may call upon it and be saved. That is how far my mercy reaches and that is why it’s important for My brides to pray like never before. I may not be able to save many from dying but I will save many from eternal death when you pray. What you saw in the Rosary the other day was accurate. That was Me suffering under the distress of that man. He was badly wounded, emaciated, and suffering from a fever. He died, but because of your call for mercy, he is with me now.”

As an aside here before we began the Rosary, Mother Clare mentioned that Jesus wanted and needed to be comforted. So I decided to use my sanctified imagination and go in the spirit to comfort Jesus. However, immediately I saw myself lying on a dirt road behind a man. His features looked like Jesus, but his face wasn’t turned my way. His hair was long and brown, and a bit matted from sweat. He had covers up to his shoulders and he was shivering and sweating. His lips looked cracked and white. So, thinking it was Jesus, I snuggled close to him and gave him a cup of water to drink—taking the hair away from his face so I could see him more clearly. And when he turned around a bit to drink, I realized it wasn’t Jesus but a man that I knew was from Afghanistan. My focus was just on him; however, I could see there were many people hastily walking and passing him, and it felt like there was much chaos and turmoil going on. But this man was left alone lying in the street. So I began to say, Lord have mercy, and I came out of the vision.

Jesus continued, “Please, My brides, pray! Let the words “Mercy, Lord, mercy!”, continuously be upon your lips every hour. So many are dying in that place. Even pray for the soldiers in the Taliban. Many of them are convoluted with errors in teaching. And the young ones, although they wouldn’t say it, are fearful themselves. There is no loyalty in a group put together by Satan. They can easily kill one another for power so there are many of their own soldiers who are alongside them simply out of fear, for they know that if they decided to leave or go AWOL [absent without leave] from their unit they will be killed instantly. Satan reigns in that land but not for long if My brides would pray. I have left a few servants there who will receive the Martyrs Crown but stayed to call upon My mercy and pray for these people and guide them to Me in their darkest hour. Pray that the resources necessary would get to the people of that land. Even that has been derailed by your government and theirs. However, there are a few avenues that I will lead you to that you can trust, and the resources will get to them. Give as you can when I show you were to give so those who are struggling, hungry, and without shelter can receive the aid they need until help comes.”

Lord, will things turn around for that country? It seems so hopeless.

“Nothing is ever hopeless with Me, Beloved, I use everything, and I am using this in a powerful way to get the world’s attention—to wake the walking dead and to bring many, many souls to Me. Pray, covering these things daily. Lift up this nation and people before Me in the Divine Mercy and watch what I do.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

My heart has been so sick after seeing the images of many climbing on the US military plane and falling off just to escape this malicious take over in their nation. I saw one image with a man sitting on the ground holding his child and his face in his palm. I just broke down crying. But if you watch the news, you will become jaded, fearful, and hopeless. We must trust that God is in complete control and in his wisdom, he told us he would have Biden make several foolish decisions by listening to counsel that would actually frustrate his plans and the plans of the new world agenda. Let’s lift him up in prayer as well, for his salvation.

Jesus mentioned that he wanted us to not only pray but to give to the people of Afghanistan. They are in need of donations to purchase bare necessities and resources. I am aware that with the Taliban in control it may be very unlikely they will get the funds you give. However, Holy Spirit led me to give to the Voice of the Martyrs and a specific donation to Christians being persecuted by Islamic extreme sites and guaranteed that it would get to them. So I will have the link in the description so that you can also give if you feel led to and do as Jesus instructed.

God bless you family until the next message.

“Joy” psalm 4:7
Give to Voice of the Martyrs Afghanistan

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