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September 5, 2021

Hello, family,

I have received many comments and emails from people asking what they should do if they are forced in their country to take the vaccine? And the Lord put it on my heart to repost this message, where Jesus talks about the vaccine—what it does to your body and what to do for those who have taken it. For those who live in different countries or are underage and have been forced to take the vaccine, or if you have loved ones and family members who have taken the vaccine, do not fret. The Lord made it clear that if we trust our loved ones in his Mercy by praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Mother of Mercy Chaplet over them, he will show mercy towards them.

So I encourage you to pray these chaplets daily for your loved ones who have taken it and, as a matter a fact, we will be doing a live Hour of Mercy for all those who have taken the vaccine, and are sick with the virus, on this channel. So you can join in, and we can lift up your loved ones in prayer.

He also encouraged anyone who has taken the vaccine or has the virus to also receive Holy Communion. If you don’t go to a liturgical church, you can do a simple Communion Service at home and by faith, Jesus will be present. Then ask the Lord to give you a heavenly blood transfusion to clean the vaccine or the virus out of your system. And if you believe, you will be healed according to his will. So stay encouraged, stay blessed, and stand, trusting the Lord alone, and do not take the vaccine. Here is the reposted message.

“Adhere to My Counsel and You Will Lack Nothing”

Hello, brothers and sisters and YouTube family. Hope you guys are being blessed.

I received this message about two weeks ago, but because of the strike on the channel, I was unable to upload it. So I am giving you guys the message now. During prayer, the Lord played a song, and, in the lyrics, the artist stated, “Speak Lord your servant is listening” so I then knew the Lord wanted to speak with me.

I came before him saying, “Good Morning Lord. Speak Lord, your servant is listening. I think you want to share your heart. Jesus, what’s on your heart?”

Jesus began, “My beloved, stop doubting. And your continuous unbelief hurts me. I need you to have the heart and mindset that I desire to speak to you daily. Come and expect to hear from me. I know you are still fearful of deception, but those were training grounds of discernment that you have learned and have passed. You are living in trying times and it’s important for you to get counsel and instructions to share with our children as well. Things will begin to move at a fast pace in your nation, so I desire to reveal much to you.

Lord I’m so sorry, I feel like I have been hit with a barrage of thoughts and doubts because I know demons always make us rush and you are not concerned with the time of this world. Nor did I think you wanted us abreast of what is happening with the world. So thoughts were going through my mind that this is not your voice. Forgive me, Lord.

Jesus responded to my thoughts, “My beloved you are right about all those things, but I do want to keep my people informed. I want their eyes fixed on me and not on what is going on or to be moved or shaken by what takes place. My words bring peace and, although my world is quite different from yours, you are still in this world until I take you out. I desire to provide a word that will be an anchor to so many, and provide truth so many can decipher from the lies that this new government will tell you and laws they will try to implement.

Here, again, guys, I was doubting. 

Jesus said, “Beloved, stick with me.”

Sorry, Lord. Okay, I’m listening Jesus.

Jesus continued, “They will mandate the vaccine at the State levels soon. They began with jobs in the medical field, and many of your government representatives have already taken it. They will make it mandatory for those wanting to go back to school. The vaccine is not the mark, My beloved ones. No need to fear the demise of your soul. If your loved ones have taken it ignorantly, in my mercy, I will cover them, especially if my brides have been praying. This new government is wasting no time to put into place laws and regulations that will be used to bring destruction to your nation. 

I am permitting all this so those who are blind, those who voted and supported this government will see it for what it is. as much of their control, options, and rights begin to be stripped and given over to this government rapidly; all under the guise that they are protecting citizens. They want to gain the people’s trust and then take control. They have lied about the former administration and President with made up and planned events to make the populous believe President Trump and those who still support him cannot be trusted and that this nation is in danger from within. That the enemies of the State are from within, and that is very true. They are the enemies of this nation, and they want to gain control that they may lead this nation and the people completely astray and into the hands of all world leaders and powers headed by the Anti-Christ and Satan.

Lord, what should we do, what can we do to tell others about the vaccine? And once it mandated, what should we do Lord?

Jesus responded, “Continue to trust in me alone, My beloved ones. This new government will not last long and the speed at which they are writing these legislations should tell you they know their time is short, so they are trying to do the most damage. This is all conditioning for when the mark and beast system takes place. If it would be up to them, they would want this vaccine mandated at a national level. You wouldn’t be able to travel without taking it, but I won’t allow it to get that far. 

This is a genetically modified vaccine. It is biochemical warfare, just as bad as the co-vid virus but works a lot slower—first killing your ‘T’ cells, lowering your immune system, and making you highly susceptible to the plague that is to come. It has an agent within the vaccine when coupled with the plague that is to come, morphs within your body completely shutting down your defenses, and will cause such a fever that it feels like you are burning from the inside out. Your body’s immune system will be so frail that it won’t be able to fight and will cause death.”

I then saw a vision of protests all over our nation. Those who had jobs were the ones being targeted. Companies were making people take the vaccine in order to keep their jobs. Many people had lost their jobs because they would not take the vaccine and they were protesting about it. People from all different professions who had decided not to take the vaccine were making it clear that this was not right and wanted change in our government. They had lost their income, and many were waking up finally to see what this new administration was all about.

Jesus continued, “So you see, My beloved ones, who do you put your trust in, your job, your comforts or Me? For many, those things are too dear to you, so you continue to disregard my pleas, my nudging, and that ‘still small voice’ in your conscience that has warned you about the vaccine. You will continue to ask, ‘But what about my job, what about income, what about my children’s education? ’And I ask you, what about your life and that of your family’s? Trust me, take a stand, and know that I am your provider and protector. For those who adhere to my council about this will lack nothing at that time, do not fear.” 

“If your loved ones won’t listen to you and take the vaccine trust in my mercy. As you pray for them, I will cover them. I am using this to wake even more up in your nation as protests will begin all over your nation for those who lose their livelihood because they didn’t take the vaccination. I do not want my brides involved in the protests but pray for these souls I will use who will need much courage to go against this mandate. I will use them to reveal the control this new government wants to have and restrict the freedom of the people in your nation rather than giving it liberty. This is one of the foolish counsels this new President will take, and I will use it for My glory and to bring this administration to ruin. Pray, My beloved brides, and trust me even now. As I told you to put food away for a time, this will be the time it will be needed. And for those who don’t have the means to put food away trust me all that the more, that I will multiply what you have and there won’t be a day, My brides, that you will not have food to eat, a place to lay your head and water to drink. Trust me and pray.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

The Lord spoke to us about this in April of last year and gave me a message titled “Trust In Me Alone” urging everyone not to take the vaccines. YouTube took that video down 3 weeks ago because it didn’t go with their terms and policies. I’m telling you, these agendas they have are so wicked and indeed this platform is working with them. Trust the Lord with your family and loved ones in this hour. More importantly, trust the Lord to be your provider and have no attachments to your job or income when this time comes.

God bless you, family, until the next message

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