In the Garden of My Heart: Casual Day With Jesus

August 29, 2021

Hey Family, welcome back to another episode of in the Garden of My Heart. 

It’s me, Rainbow, again today, and I want to share with you a casual day, spending time with the Lord for me. And this is probably, one of our down days where I come to him in the garden and I fall on my face on the grass and I say, “Lord Jesus, I’m bored, I’m so bored!” And at this point, he walks up to where I am on the grass and gives me the stare like, “Uh-uh, yeah…..of course, you are bored”. Or he may even lie face down on the grass and say, “So….what are you going to do about it?” Usually, I have no answer, but it makes him smile to know that I can be comfortable around him. You, too, will see it for yourselves. He is very playful and very funny. Kind of like the Jesus they portray on The Chosen. He is super-duper fun to play around with and not afraid to tickle you or do something so awkwardly crazy just to make you laugh. If you get him started……oh boy you’re going to laugh until your belly hurts.  

For example, one day I was sitting down watching a kids’ song with my little one, you know, the Finger Family song? “Daddy finger, daddy finger, where are you?”—for all you mummies, and daddies who have toddlers you’ll know what I am talking about. So the song keeps playing and I hear him say, “I don’t like that song.” I looked up at him because he was right there in front of me, not in the spirit, and I awkwardly said, “Huh? Why” To which he replied, “Because
there is no Jesus finger, humph!” at which he folds his arms and pouts. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t help myself, I really couldn’t help myself but laugh. Of course, I knew he had nothing against the song, but the joke was so well-orchestrated that even when I told my husband he, too, couldn’t help laughing. He was very shocked that Jesus would say something like that because he is so used to being taught that God doesn’t laugh, that he is authoritative. And that is so far from the truth. I remember when my husband, too, would often try to be with the Lord or to picture him in the way I told him about. One day we were discussing the saints, and, for some reason, he couldn’t remember where St. Padre Pio was from and got jokingly frustrated and said, “Well, he is from Assisi!” The Lord and I looked up at him with a look that said, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” And we had a good laugh about that one. So much so that my husband told me all about how he told Jesus he would go back in time and mail all the saints to Assisi, one by one, in big cardboard boxes just so that it would be easier to remember where they were from. Oh gosh, it was quite the laugh that day—anyway back to the serious stuff.

And here I want to advise you to take a deep breath from all that laughing—and cringing at my still jokes. I feel like the more you invite the Lord to be a part of your life, your family, your everything, the more he manifests himself to you physically and spiritually. I encourage you not to be afraid to be who you truly are with Jesus because he created you in a special way and it brings him great joy to see you be comfortable enough to be who you are in front of him and to be as honest as you can. Of course, he knows that something like that takes time for both of you. The more you open up around him, the more he opens up around you and thus you begin to form your own relationship with him that no one else in the body of Christ can replicate, no not one.

When he created you for the first time he looked into your deep beautiful eyes and he said, “You are my beloved Son/Daughter in whom I am well pleased. There is not one in my creation who can replace you.” And then he looked at what he had created, deeply again, and said, “It is good”. He gave you a name, a destiny, a purpose. He gave you a part of his heart, and he sent you to earth hoping that one day you will come back to him again. Some come back, and some…….they never do. For those who do come back, he holds on to you and he fights for you with everything in his being because he remembers that faithful day, he called you his and he knows the great treasure he has placed within you. So please guys, I encourage you to really give thought to the fact that God is indeed a God we can call daddy, Abba, The God who can be serious but the God who we can also call loving and playful and caring. 

The Bible verse for today that goes into me sharing my experience with you is Mathew 17: 20, “Faith can move Mountains.”

The reason why I chose this bible verse for this message is because, as you heard me say earlier. I told the Lord I was bored, and strangely enough, I find myself telling him that a lot. But in heaven, there is no boredom and there is no limit to what one can see or do. Jesus has taken me to many places; places I didn’t even think could exist, which hopefully I can share with you guys. And then there is the personal stuff that I prefer to keep locked away in my heart. But he also took others to places that I have never been to yet and I know that if I ask him, he will take me. There are many places that Mother Clare has described that I had a longing to visit and all I had to do is ask him in faith because he has created heaven and its beauty for all his brides. So, before I go into one of my casual days with him, I wanted to encourage you that if you ever have a moment when spending time with the Lord where you feel bored and you feel like you have nothing to do together. Know that there are other ways to spend time with him, not just one, and you have an opportunity to read other people’s experiences whether it be on blogs, books, YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and if it is a suffering, just know that He does indeed love you. And ask Jesus to take you there and know that he is indeed there with you and he will indeed take you there. There is always something to do, whether it be work he has given you to do, your gifts, or another adventure, there is never a dull moment with him. Surely some of you will find some of the meadows a good place to go and find your peace with him. Anyway enough rambling…..

“My causal Day with Jesus”

It all began the day before when I made some tropical coconut cream popsicle bags for my husband because he doesn’t get them often and since we are on lockdown in our country and we live in such a hot weather climate, I thought he deserved a treat. The popsicle bags are a traditional old-school summer, or, in my case, everyday ice snack we make here in the Caribbean islands. 

Everyone has a different name for them. It’s either called pack juice, sky juice, or “suck-suck”. The flavors can vary—it can be made from juice or a tropical fruit that is in season. I believe it’s not just in the Caribbean islands, but many places have it in different variants as well. I know that in America they have just plain popsicles, but we have this. In Trinidad, we have a creamy ice cream-like version we call “suck-ah-bag”. I don’t know where the name originated but most likely since our Caribbean language is a broken mixed English that people refer to as Patois, someone most likely made the name up and the name stuck. So hey! you’re getting to know about a part of my life here in the Caribbean. Yay! When I got to heaven that day, I asked the Lord if maybe we could make this treat and give it to the little kids in the nurseries, and he agreed. The idea of making this treat is to make it sweet so that when cold it will not taste watery as it melts if that makes sense. In the Lord’s case, he taught me a way to make it less sweet without changing its consistency, which I found so very cool! 

After we placed the treats in the refrigerator to harden, we cleaned up and then sat together and talked, held each other for a little while, and just enjoyed that moment together. I believe there is a thought bouncing around in your mind about how I find time to spend with the Lord juggling being a mom and wife. Well, the truth is, I am lucky to even get 30 minutes or an hour but whatever time I get when my little ones go down for naptime, I try to use that time for Him. Sometimes I get two hours, other times three, depending on how tired they are. We have our time together in parts, meaning, sometimes we are together at one time during the day and then some more time at another time during the night if I am lucky. I think if you have kids, it’s important to find balance. He has not forced me to do what is beyond me to do so if you are a mom or dad and you just have an extremely hard schedule, just ask Holy Spirit to help you sort it out. 

It may mean that you may have to surrender some of your me-time or TV/social media time but it’s worth it. Just know that Jesus has allowed certain circumstances in your life, for example, marriage and children. So he knows well that you may only be able to give him 30 minutes, but he will be grateful for it. Okay, back to my casual day. Also guys you may notice that I may merge experiences together and it’s because some are short some are long, and I am trying to find balance. 

The very next morning I ran into our garden full of excitement wondering where we would take the treats to and if the children would like it. “So, you ready to go?” Jesus asked me. “Yeah, but I don’t want to take the truck today and I don’t think it is a good idea to take the horses,” I replied. The reassuring look in his eyes made me feel calm, that he had a solution to my small problem. 

At that moment two bike’s appeared for both of us to ride. Mine was black with pink and white highlights and had a small basket in front for my little backpack I carry everywhere. But his was black with blue highlights and had a big basket in the back. The idea of riding on a bike to get to the children was amazing but there was one small problem. I have no idea how to ride a bike……well at least not without training wheels, #embarrassing. The lord didn’t seem to think so though, he looked at me as though I could do it and he was not going to let himself doubt. I thought, “Hey if I can drive one of those trucks with the big wheels in heaven without much practice then what’s a bike? I sucked up my fear and I got on. Great, now I was on—now what do I do? Oh boy, I am going to fall, aren’t I?Despite my irrational thoughts I put one foot on the pedal and pushed myself off, then I put the other foot on the pedal. Tried to find my balance and started cycling. I was wobbly at first but after some tries, I got the hang of it. Jesus was with me all the way cheering me on. When I was steady enough, he brought out a big cooler with the treats put in the basket, hopped onto his bike and we were off. I had never found biking so relaxing before. I haven’t had much experience with biking except for when I was maybe 6 or 7yrs old on training wheels, so passing the trees and hearing the birds chirp was so calming, especially for someone who has been inside her entire life. Not to mention the wind in my hair and being next to the one I love.

It was a quiet journey as we both took in the peace, but then it hit me: “Where are we going?” I asked. “You’ll see!” He replied. A little way up the golden road I heard the sound of laughter and children playing. Then I caught sight of a huge playground in a shady area. “Cool! The playground!” I exclaimed, to which he smiled. We turned the corner and entered through the entrance, parking our bikes next to a picnic table. When the children saw Jesus in the distance, they all stopped what they were doing and ran to him in excitement.

“Jesus!” They shouted. “Hey guys” He said as he embraced them. It was truly such an amazing thing to see the children run up to him because you could tell the great love they had for him. “Hello, Ms. Rainbow.” said one of the little boys who was in the crowd. As he said that, they all turned to me. I was stunned because Jesus had not introduced me yet. But there was this little boy saying, “Hi” to me. I said hello back, but I wanted to know how he knew me, but I guess they all just did. “Hey kids, the Lord and I brought you a special treat from my home country for you to try. I hope you enjoy it,” I said. Jesus took the cooler out of the basket, placed it on the bench, opened it up, and ushered them to take as many as they wanted. We had only made so many, but you know Jesus, everything just multiplies. The children took the treats, said thank you, and ran back over to the playground to play. 

It brought my heart so much joy to see them happy because I knew the majority of them had such horrible lives on earth.

“Want to get some ice cream?” He asked me with a smile. I nodded in agreement. We both hopped onto our bikes and cycled down the street. I wondered where we were going to get ice cream around here because I had not seen any shops on our way to the playground. He broke into my thought and said, “There is one just up the street, but what they serve is more of a healthy frozen yogurt that tastes just like ice cream.” Although I was in awe all I wanted was simply something to eat so it didn’t bother me at all. As we got into the shop, I marveled at the many flavors there were. Maybe about one or two angels worked there but it was more of a self-serve place where there was a variety of toppings to choose from and Fro-Yo ice creams too. They gave you a cup in whatever size you wanted, and you had free reign to go crazy. Although tempted by my hunger I decided to just take the bare minimum and make strawberry vanilla with a little bit of maybe gummy worms, milk and white chocolate kisses, Oreo bits, and M&M’s. The Lord got the same base but with different toppings. There were many syrups as well. I remember taking strawberry syrup, but I can’t remember what the Lord took. When done they weighed your cup and gave you a napkin, and spoon. If not dining in, they will cover it. Lord Jesus handled the payment, so I don’t know exactly how that worked out. We put our deserts in our little baskets and headed back to the park. One of the beautiful things I love about heaven is cold things do not melt. I believe you could just have an ice cream without having it all over your hands. Like, you know when you eat ice cream sometimes your whole face is eating ice cream, right? It’s not like that. When we got to the park we sat down and had a chat as we slowly devoured our ice cream, Fro-Yo. 
Not too long after we were done, one of the little children came running up to us saying they enjoyed their little treats and was having a monkey bar challenge and invited me to join. I was thrilled even though I sucked at the monkey bars. As I got to the monkey bars there were lots of children cheering and chanting for those taking part. I climbed up the step took a deep breath and held on to the first bar. It didn’t seem that hard at first until I got to the 4th bar and fell off. I did not hurt myself, but I took a time out for a little and decided in a few minutes I would try again. It was Lord Jesus’s turn, and unsurprisingly he got across. I watched the way he moved. Even though he had great underbody strength, I watched his strategy. He didn’t move too slowly but neither too fast. He moved at a consistent pace and slightly swinging himself and his arms across as he went. On my second try, I decided to try it like that. I took another deep breath, and I was off. To my surprise (because I suck) I actually made it and he was right there to take my hand as I got across. After the game, we hopped on our bikes and headed home.  
That was the end of my day. I hope it was a joy for you to experience that, and to see it in your own sanctified imagination as well. That even though we do not do some extravagant things at times, sometimes we kick it back and do simple things instead. Well May God bless you with a million blessings. That’s all the time we have for today.


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