The Power of Confession

July 25, 2021

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all be blessed!

So family, I hope you have been enjoying the meditations that the Lord put together. And I look forward to hearing your testimonies! The Lord has always been faithful to provide you all with fresh manna through his and His mother’s messages, daily. However, sometimes these messages are given to me days prior and I’m playing catch up to get them out to you guys. This is what had happened this past week. I hadn’t heard from the Lord in almost a week and a half. When I attempted to hear from him, I discerned the messages later and they were from my flesh. So I was feeling insecure and anxious, to say the least. It was no longer about getting a message; I honestly needed a word for myself. I just missed Jesus.

I was still going through the emotions of holding on to his promise about Derrick, and a painful situation with a family member that happened in the past, that I was struggling to let go of.

There was a close family member who seemed to warrant Derrick’s attention when we were together, and it was so painful to see that. I had addressed this with her, as the Lord had wanted me to be honest with her, for her only to be a bit defensive and turn the table around as if Derrick wanted her attention instead. We are actually called to work together for the City of God community and the demons have been playing this scenario in my mind for so long and bringing up such a grave fear in my heart for the future. So I kept wondering if the Lord would bring true honesty, transparency, and reconciliation between, us and even Derrick, or if it would just be a cross I would have to carry, because no sincere responsibility had been taken. It’s been rough guys.

I would also look at the calendar and think, Um Lord the end of summer is soon approaching. Derrick is still apprehensive about many things, and I found myself one day, frustrated about him dragging his feet. So I decided to send him a message, no longer giving him suggestions, as Jesus asked me to do, but telling him what he had to do and by what time. I know guys, I am a hot mess. I felt good about the message I sent him thinking that would get some fire under his butt. But the following day I got a reading from Mother Clare’s Rhema book about “Self-will”. At first it didn’t hit me, then I realized, Uh oh Lord, was that action in self-will? I thought I could help you Lord, no?

So, Jesus had me delete the messages, and thank goodness he hadn’t listened to them yet. I realized I needed to relinquish any part in this besides trusting the Lord and continuing to pray. After praying and asking the Lord to forgive me for my impatience and frustration, I decided by faith, to try again, to hear from Him as I poured out my heart first saying,

Good morning Lord, I have missed you so much. I’m hungry Lord, for a word from you, if not for me for our children. I have been in an emotional battle these past few weeks.

I then heard Jesus say,

“You have been in a storm beloved, little one, and although you have fallen many times you are fighting bravely with Me right beside you. Don’t give up or give into discouragement I will do all I have promised. Just be patient and don’t push him or give him an ultimatum of any kind. That is for me to do. And He is responding to my nudges. Don’t worry I have already paved the way. So despite all the information he is receiving from others, once he applies for the Visa I will move swiftly and quickly to get him here. He will come to have confidence in Me as well because of this. So trust me.”

As an aside here, besides his own fears and reservations, Derrick is being told by friends that to obtain a Visa to the US from Ghana, it could take up to three months now. And if you are rejected, it will affect your ever applying again for a US Visa, When usually it takes a week to get an appointment. So continue to pray that he would just have faith and inquire himself and apply for the Visa trusting the Lord

I then asked Lord, What about this family member?

Jesus responded,

What about her beloved? I have already made it clear to you what I intend to do. Trust your heart to Me, Beloved, I am the keeper of it and if I have allowed this blow by my hand don’t you think I will heal it. I am the same God who strikes and heals, and I break and bind. Job 5:18. “For he wounds, but he also binds up; he injures, but his hands also heal.”

“All of these things were to sanctify you, to grow you in love, to teach you about the tactics of the enemy so you can help others overcome. I will pull back the veil in her conscience as well, just as I will do with Derrick. He will see himself in the light of my mirror and moral standard and be completely undone, and so grateful for my mercy. This will all happen before you say I do. Trust me, Beloved, trust me.”

Sorry Lord, I am so attached to this subject and the past two messages weren’t from you. So I did begin to lose my confidence and think I had done something wrong for you to hide yourself from me.

Jesus continued,

“My beloved one, even in my goodness, I am so close, very close to you, and you were still being led by My Spirit although you didn’t get a message. Did the flock go without?”

No, Lord, they didn’t.

“Because I am the good shepherd and, I will never leave you wanting or them wanting. I know when it’s the right time to speak and when a message is needed. Do not get anxious about that. I am here now and have much to tell you. It was good you went to confession. That helped a lot to clear the air of your fears, your guilt, and the stain of sin that blocked you from hearing me.”

So was that it, Lord? Is that why I couldn’t touch in with you?

Jesus responded,

“Yes, Beloved, there were many reasons, but that was the main one. You see when you have unconfessed sin, and you lack true contrition, that hinders you from hearing and seeing me clearly as you should. That is what I want to talk with my brides about, being diligent to examine their conscience and the power of confession. That is something that has not been readily taught in my Church. I am calling my brides to a much higher standard of purity, of holiness, and that comes by walking with a clean conscience.

So many want to enter into a deep intimate relationship with me, to hear from me, but are not willing to put in the work and this is one aspect that is very vital to the work in hearing from me. You see beloved brides, sin doesn’t separate you from me, because many times there are hidden sins you do not know of, that I haven’t revealed to you yet. But it’s the unconfessed sin that stains your conscience, that builds a wall between you on me. I am not asking for perfection, but for diligence in purity, to be clean before me. This little one went to confession and, although I prompted her by my Spirit to confess the smallest trifles, she passed over them and only confessed the sins she wasn’t ashamed of. However, that left a stain on her conscience. Although I was aware of these failings and she had confessed them before me, she still carried that guilt that hindered her from hearing me properly.”

The Lord is telling the truth after not hearing from him for so long I started examining myself wondering if I had done something to stop him from speaking and I got a Rhema a few days ago from St. Faustina and it read,

The front of the Rhema card said, Diligence in examination of conscience, and gave me a page number to read from the book. It read,

“Particular interior practice; that is, the examination of conscience. Concerning Holy Confession. We would derive two kinds of profit from Holy Confession:

1. We come to confession to be healed.

2. We come to be educated. Like a small child our souls have constant need of education…I shall pay special attention to two things: firstly, I will choose, in making my confession, that which humiliates me most, even if it be a trifle, but something that cost me much, and for that reason, I will tell it; secondly, I will practice contrition, not only during confession, but during every self-examination, and I will arouse within myself and act of perfect contrition, especially when I am going to bed. One more word: a soul which sincerely wants to advance in perfection must observe strictly the advice given by the spiritual director. There is as much holiness as there is dependence.

Immediately I knew that I hadn’t confessed everything little thing in my time of confession as I usually do because there were a few things I was ashamed about that I was still struggling with. So that day I went to confession and bared my soul to the T in detail and it was the following morning Jesus finally spoke to me to give me this message

Jesus continued,

“Because of where I am calling all my brides it is very important that you keep your conscience clean before me. It will hinder the ministry and the gifts I have chosen for each of you. I would like you all to practice the examination of conscience every night before you go to bed. Asking yourself how you failed me, what areas and in what ways could you have responded more in love, what wrong thoughts crossed your mind, and what wrong heart attitudes did you have that you could do better the following day. This is not to bring about shame or guilt my beloved brides, but I am right here with you. We are doing this together. This is to draw you to virtue and in the practice of being more resolute in your will to serve and imitate me.

This is a practice many of my saints did long ago and has been lost in your generation, besides those who are called to a religious life. You all are called to a spirit of religious life, cloistered in my heart that is your sanctuary, your tabernacle and I want it to be our living quarters, and this will help me to help you form your conscience properly. I gave my apostles one of the greatest sacraments, the gift of absolution which releases souls from the shackles of the devil and reconciles them back to me.

John 20: 22-23, When He had said this, He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you withhold forgiveness from anyone, it is withheld.

So going to confession and receiving absolution is so powerful, as it restores your soul in right standing with me. If you have a priest available, it will be very good for you my brides to go to confession weekly to help keep you in the state of grace and purity. If you do not have a priest available, you then confess to one another in all sincerity, transparency, and in all honesty of the smallest faults and I will bless this.

James 5:16, Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

“I am calling the world to repentance, my church to repentance and it first must come from my brides living in a posture of contrition and repentance daily.”

That was the end of Jesus message.

Just then sister Magdalene shared with me a Rhema she got that morning confirming this word and it said;

Let us now consider what we must do to ensure that the Holy Spirit may dwell in our souls. It can all be summed up in mortification the flesh with its vices and concupiscences, and in guarding against a selfish spirit.

For those who have never gone to confession or have never really confessed your sins to someone out of fear. There is no need to be afraid confession brings healing. Especially in confession, the priest stands in the place of Jesus, and he knows how much guilt and shame you are walking under, and by receiving absolution it relieves you from that burden, that heaviness so many believers carry. Heartdwellers has confessors who are available for you to go to confession via email and I will their leave the contact information below in the description. You always want to prepare yourself for confession as Jesus mentioned, by examining your consciences asking Holy Spirit to bring to mind where you fell short that week. Even write them down, that is what I do, going day by day and seeing where I fell into sin with my thoughts, with my actions, and with my deeds. Then I share all of that in confession.

A side note: make sure you do not go to confession to vent. That can easily happen, You are not there to expose the sins of others or how another offended you but to expose how you responded, how you reacted and how you could’ve done better in that situation. You also want to confess things that are burdening your heart, weighing heavily on you because sometimes the enemy puts condemnation on us to make us feel we have fallen into sin. So a good confessor will know and even relieve you of a false guilt if you’re carrying one.

Lord thank you for this message and give us all the grace to walk in greater purity and honesty with you another. xGod bless you guys until the next message.

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