Exploring the Heavens, Meditation

July 21, 2021

Hello family,

This is the wonderful heavenly meditation I have been preparing you all for, done by Kimberly and Alberto Rivera, with Christopher Carter as the instructor. I am so excited for you all to enter into that secret place of your heart and meet with Jesus there, and to be taken to heaven. Before we start, I first want you to get to a quiet place, if possible, where you can be alone with God. The instructor encourages us, in this meditation, that even if you are in your car, you can still hear and see Jesus. So if you are not able to get alone, then that is okay, Jesus will still meet with you.

I encourage every one of you to have a journal next to you, and for those who are easily distracted with thoughts or burdens on your heart, you want now, want to write all your fleeting thoughts; your to-do lists, on that piece of paper before starting, and draw a line. Leave those thoughts there. And now close your eyes and enter into your secret place to explore the heavens.

EXPLORING THE HEAVENS – A guided meditation with Christopher Carter.

“Exploring the Heavens” by Kimberly & Alberto Rivera. With Christopher Carter

Wherever you are, see the room that you’re in exactly as it is, with your eyes closed. Just use your imagination to build the picture in your mind, of the space that you are in right now. If you’re in the car, don’t close your eyes, but still, imagine it. Let your car be in your mind so that if you were to close your eyes, you’d still see it.

[Peaceful, heavenly music while you imagine your environment…]

And all we’re going to do is just mutter, mumble, mutter it, say it quietly to yourself, but do say it out loud… “Lord, where are you in this picture, right now?” You could have said, “Lord, where are you in the room with me, right now?” All I want you to do is to trust your very first impressions. Don’t write anything off as being silly, or unspiritual. What’s your first impression when you ask, “Lord, where are you in this room with me right now?”

[Peaceful, heavenly music while you imagine where the Lord is in the room with you…]

Wherever you’re listening, tell yourself what you have the impression of. You don’t have to feel it one hundred percent or see it one hundred percent, in using the eyes of your heart, fifty percent sure is okay. We’re not worrying right now—we’re just letting the eyes of our heart do all of the work.

[Peaceful, heavenly music while you let the eyes of your heart do the work…]

Now, wherever you are, tell yourself, “Lord, this is where I see you in the room.” And mumble it to yourself. The next thing we should do, I call this the basics, color, clothing, and expression on the Lord’s face. And if you’re like, “Oh, I don’t know, I’m getting a blank thing here—”. Let me just ask you the question wherever you’re listening, “Does He have hair, or is He bald?” And if you just answer yes or no, question—what’s your first guess, your first impression, does he have hair?

[Peaceful, heavenly music while you imagine how Jesus looks…]

How about the garment that he is wearing? Pretty much everybody is going to see him with a garment, that would be normal—is it modern clothes, or is it the kind of Jesus-like outfit? Don’t write it off.

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate what type of clothes Jesus is wearing…]

I suspect that some of you listening are going to think, “Wow, can it really be this simple?” And my response to that is, He would never make it hard for His kids to see him. Like, how hard do we want it to be? Do we want it to take a 40-day fast and a trip to Israel and, uh, get your life right—or do you think that God provided a way for us to be where he is at all times, and for you to be able to sense it, see it, touch it, hear it, smell it?

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate the sights, sounds, smells, and senses around you…]

If you are not close to him right now, just mumble to yourself, “Lord, should I come close to you, or should you come close to me?”

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate whether you should draw closer to Him…]

What’s your first impression—the first guess that you have—and you are allowed to guess. It’s kind of your way of saying, “I believe the Holy Spirit is powerful, I’m just going to trust—I’m going to trust that first impression.

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate trusting Holy Spirit…]

Just take a moment, be close [music], I’m just giving you a moment, wherever you are doing this, I think sometimes it’s just nice to bask in the sounds and bask in the presence of the Lord. He is our Messiah, He is our Rabbi, He is the King, and He’s here.

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate being in His presence…]

Let’s ask Him, because, you know, Rabbis like to teach, let’s let Him teach for a minute. And let’s— wherever you are, you know, you can mumble this out loud. We’re going to mumble it to ourselves here, “Lord, what is one thing that you want to make sure I know right now? What’s one thing that you want to make sure I know right now?” And, again, trust your very first impression—what’s the first impression you have of what he says to you when you say, “Lord, tell me one thing that you want me to know right now, what’s he saying?

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate what He wants you to know right now…]

And repeat it to yourself out loud, mumble to yourself, what you hear Him saying [music]. And if you hear him say something that—again, don’t write it off if it seems silly, or not spiritual enough, that’s not a reason to write it off. If He just told you, like, “What the one thing He wants you to know today was like, “You really need to take out the trash.” If that’s what he said, acknowledge that. If he was like, “Yeah, your dog really needs walking”, you just acknowledge that to yourself—what’s the one thing He wants you to know today? It doesn’t have to be super-spiritual; it can be so down to earth.

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate “What one thing does He want me to know today?”]

Wherever you are, tell yourself what you heard him say. It’s good to narrate your in-the-spirit experience to yourself. It’s like you’re—yeah, it’s like you need to hear it out loud. If you keep it all inside it feels too ethereal—like a vapor— it would just go away.

I think it’s fun to hear what He wants to say about us. Sometimes hearing His opinion of us is like the best thing we could do. Let’s just ask him, “Lord, tell me one thing that you know about me that I don’t know about myself. What’s one thing that you know about me that I don’t know about myself? Say that out loud and trust your first impression.

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate “What one thing do you know about me ….?”]

We have the opportunity right now, and you do, wherever you are listening, to agree and believe with what He said, to look at Him and say, “I believe what your opinion of me is. I’m not going to define myself to you. I’m going to let You define who I am. So you look at the Lord, and I’m going to look at Him right now and say, “I agree with you.”

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate, “I agree with you…”]

Now as one fun, final step for this exercise, let’s look at the Lord and say, “Lord, would you take us to that Garden? Would you take us to that original design? Would you let us get just a peek of Eden?” And voice that to him, mumble it out loud, “Lord, right now, would you let me walk with you in Eden?” And I want you, wherever you are, to trust your very first impressions. What’s the first thing that happens when you say that out loud?

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate walking with Jesus in the Garden of Eden]

Just tell yourself, what do you have the impressions of? What did you see, because I know you did—I mean it’s like we instantly start imagining it and we imagine being there with the Lord? The first thing that I had was this massive waterfall, this lush green environment. I guarantee you I’m not the only person listening to this who saw that. And then the next thing you ask yourself is, “What do I smell?” Because you have your imagination works with all of your senses. What do you imagine this place would smell like? And what are your first impressions? I smelled honeysuckle. How about your first impressions of sounds?

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate your senses while in the Garden]

I was stuck at the waterfall, it was beautiful, and I was just hearing the roar of the water, kind of cascading down. And wherever you are, whatever you’re seeing, having the impression of—you’re like, you’re like, “Christopher, I’m not seeing anything.”

I know, you have the impression of it in your imagination. You’re not going to see it with biological eyes, these are the internal eyes of your heart. And when you read Paul’s words when he said, “Fix your eye, not on the things that are seen, but on the things that are unseen—because what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” All you’re doing is fixing our eyes, right now on the unseen and you’re allowing the impressions to work with your imagination, Your imagination shows you the picture. I had the impression of the waterfall, the imagination showed me how big it was, how tall it was, how wide it was, how white the water was when it poured over.

[Peaceful, heavenly music as your imagination expands with the use of your senses]

If it ever feels like the experience—like pauses, and you’re like, “Okay, I don’t know what happened, it just all went blank—”. Just keep asking yourself, what do I see the Lord doing—what is the Lord saying—what am I doing—what am I saying? And keep asking yourself those questions—what do I see the Lord doing? And then just keep narrating to yourself like you’re telling yourself the story of what’s happening.

So I’m doing this right now, I see Him standing over by the waterfall. He’d walked over there and He’s standing on a stone where the waterfall poured into this pool and He’s standing on top of the rock. Now, I don’t know where the experience is going, but, you know, I’ve done this for a decade, every day so it’s a quick process with me—you know, you just kind of trusting the eyes of my heart. I’ve watched, just now, this white eagle land on his shoulder and I see him standing there majestically, just under the waterfall and He’s kind of beckoning me to come over and to have this experience of standing in Eden with this eagle on my shoulder and this waterfall pouring down, to experience life as a king and priest in Eden again. And that’s beautiful—and I feel it right now—like I feel Him saying, “Feel this, Christopher, this is your call, like this is what humanity is destined for, to be a king and a priest.

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate being a king and priest in the Garden of Eden”]

Wherever you are listening, just take a moment and tell the Lord, “Thank You”. And have that moment of gratitude, just being grateful opens up so many doors. “So we acknowledge You, that You are the Messiah and that we’re here with You, that you did rise from the dead and You ascended into the heavens, and You have prepared a place for us, and that we will inherit it there and here, and everywhere in between, and we just want to thank you right now, Lord, for being who You are and that You did not leave us—that you’ve sent us the helper, and in the spirit, we get to be with You whenever we like.

[Peaceful, heavenly music as you contemplate Exploring the Heavens…with the King of Glory…]

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