The Flower of Purity

June 28, 2021

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all receive the grace for greater purity.

Blessed Mother has been asking me to come before her every morning to hear from her heart. When we prayed the rosary as a community the day before (which was the Joyful Mystery) one of the meditations was on the birth of Jesus, the Nativity. And in the reflection, it said that Blessed Mother held the flower of her virginity, Jesus. That word kept ringing through my mind, the flower of virginity. Then I began to hear “the flower of purity, the flower of purity” over, and over again, since yesterday. So, after prayer I sat down to hear what she had to say, as that thought was still lingering…

Good morning Blessed Mother, what is on your heart?

Our Mother of Mercy began,

“Jesus was my flower of virginity and you, and all of his brides, have been gifted with a flower of purity. Just like a plant or seed, it is a process, and it takes time. First the germination, then the tilling of the soil, then the planting, then watering, then the patience it takes to wait to ensure that you yield a harvest. But oh, when it blooms, how beautiful it is to see, to gaze upon. From there, you want to nurture the plant or flower with much attention, much love, and water it to ensure it doesn’t shrivel up and die. That is the same with the gift of purity. It is a flower, beautiful to behold, before the eyes of Heaven, and before the eyes of God. You have no idea how irresistible a pure soul is to my Son and all of Heaven. Those souls are the choicest flowers in His Garden, well attended to, nurtured, and loved greatly by Him.

Focus, beloved focus.”

Sorry Mother, these flies, (the flies were coming again and so irritating and distracting but I continued).

“My beloved little children, I was the first Rose of Purity, given to mankind by the Father, to show the way. A soul who was without blemish, pure in heart, mind, body, and spirit. You see, when you get to Heaven your hidden thoughts and motives are made known for all to hear and see. We have no need for words in Heaven because we speak heart to heart. We are all connected by the Heart of the Father. Think of a big mansion with different rooms, God, the Father, being the house and souls in heaven making up all the rooms. However, there are no doors to our rooms because all are free and available to come in and out of each room as they please because in this house, in God’s heart, reigns purity and love. And when purity and love reign there is no shame, there is no guilt, and there is nothing to hide, no evil to hinder the flow of love. The Lord is desiring that you all begin to live this way on earth as it will be in heaven. Having no duplicity in your hearts, no ulterior motives in your actions, and no impurity within your thoughts.

As an aside, I struggle with that at times, duplicity. When someone takes something without asking or does something without your consent, and you immediately judge them in your heart. For example, someone sits in your favorite spot or takes something that is yours and, in your heart, you think, no, they didn’t just take that; oh, I can’t believe they didn’t ask. Then, all of sudden, the Lord prompts them to feel a slight conviction or, just to be polite, they say, hey, you didn’t mind that I sat here, did you? Or I hope you didn’t mind that I took that. And you say, oh no, not at all, or that’s okay, don’t worry about it. When inside, just a second ago, you were seething with resentment and frustration. Can anyone relate? Lord help me and forgive me.

“We understand you have a very real enemy, and he has done all that he can in the most detestable way to defile this generation and strip them of their purity. The children, oh the children…”

At this point I could sense tears streaming down her eyes and blood leaking from her wounded heart because I began to tear up as well.

Blessed Mother continued,

“The things my Son and I have to witness and experience every day, of the horrors and torments they do to the little ones, are even unbearable for me. But our sacred hearts are one, so all he feels, I too, must endure. Please, my beloved ones, pray for the children, pray for their protection, and pray for their healing from the traumas they must endure in this world, and in this hour.

So many have fallen into sexual immorality. This sin entered the garden with Adam and Eve, but I was given to you, my beloved children, by God, to restore that. I lived a life of complete sexual purity in order to obtain the grace for many of you to do the same. Keeping yourselves and abstaining from all types of sensuality to keep your temples pure for God. If you struggle with that, my beloved ones, no need to be ashamed. Pray and ask me for the grace of purity. Do you think that I was free of temptations? Certainly not. Because of who I was, I was assailed by the devils in various temptations and trials, just as Jesus was, but did not sin. Because Heaven was ever before me, my Savior, my God, my Son, was ever-present with Me in my heart and in my mind. All I desired and lived for was to please God and be pleasing to Him.

I watched over my heart and soul with such diligence. Examining thoughts that passed my mind and holding those thoughts captive that were not from God. In my time, it was much easier to live and grow in virtue. In your time, it is much harder because Satan knows his time is short. My beloved children, it is not only good to be mindful of what you watch, listen to, read, hear or speak, but it is also very important what you think in your heart. Now that is the depth of purity. For many have fooled man with their actions, words, and intrigue, but God always looks at the heart. That is why we are so meticulous with this very little one. Although she feels the Lord is always correcting her for the slightest imperfection, he is calling and drawing her higher so she can be a strong example to you all and imitate me as I imitated Christ in purity.

How can one obtain purity? By first examining each thought, asking yourself, would this be pleasing to God? If those around me heard what I said in my heart, would it be hurtful, offensive, or distasteful? Would you be ashamed? Because all of Heaven heard you. Then, be quick to confess your sins, be transparent and honest about your imperfections and weakness to others. Boast in them rather, so God might get the glory. And how does one keep their purity? By prayer. The more a soul spends in the presence of God, the more they see themselves in the light of God’s mirror. As the rays of his love and mercy wash away the stain of sin on a soul and tosses it in the ocean of his mercy and love. Pray the rosary, my beloved ones. In the Sorrowful Mystery especially. There, you will find all the graces needed to walk in greater purity. And it is through my intercession that a ladder is created for you to fly to heaven, and perfection with ease. You are my flowers of purity that I will present before the Lord on the final day. You will be the heavenly garlands and wreaths adorned around his throne.

That was the end of Blessed Mother’s message.

I would like to end with a rhema one of the intercessors received today and I feel it so timely and confirmation to the message. It says;

“My child, we cannot comprehend the power that a pure soul has over the good God. Three things are wanted to reserve, purity, the presence of God, prayer, and the Sacraments.”

God bless you, family, until the next message.

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