Jesus Weeps, Prepare For Death

June 23 & 24, 2021

Part 1

[Mother Clare] My precious Heart Dwellers may the blessing and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ permeate every fiber of your being. Amen. Keep Your Eyes on JESUS! No matter what.

I have some interesting news for you all. The Lord continues to bring up the Rapture. Every day He is giving us a rapture Rhema, or an anointed word, or a reading that is very timely and relevant to the times we are living in. And I have lost count of the Rapture Rhema’s He has been giving us. Not just Ezekiel and I, but others in the community.

I especially like this one, “One big surprise rather than several disappointments.” Oh wow! Yep, I could sure use that! I think we all could, but something is about to happen in this world, that will change everything. Now I know there is a lot of talk about incredibly positive changes. The med beds, free energy, free electricity. So many different things that are being promised right now. But we are at a pivotal point in history, we have a massive enemy who has been stalking us for decades, and her name is China. She has been stalking us and working it to see exactly what our weak point is and how she can bring us down. And Donald, he did not mince any words when he talked to the Chinese president at the beginning of his presidency, he did not mince any words, he knows that China has been taking massive advantage of the United States in trade deals and other things, but he also knows about the military buildup and their agenda is to rule the world Carl Marx, who write the Communist manifesto, was tied into Satan deeply. He wrote a love poem to Satan, believe it or not, and here is a quote from it:

“Thus Heaven, I forfeited, I know it full well”, he wrote in a poem in 1837, a decade before his manifesto. “My soul, once true to God, is chosen for Hell. How so I plunge, plunge without fail, my blood black Sabre into your soul. That art God, neither wants nor wisps, it leaps to the brain from Hell’s black mists. Till heart’s bewitched, till senses reel, with Satan I have struck my deal. He chalks the signs, beats time for me, I play the death march fast and free. I must play dark, I must play light, till bow strings break my heart outright.”

And he was the one responsible for writing the manifesto. So, basically Satan wants to rule the world with Communism. And China has been fed, right from the bosom of Hell, to prepare it to take over America. They have bought thousands of acres of land in this nation. Thousands of acres have been sold to China. It is absolutely amazing what they own! Mother Elisabeth was a realtor before she came on board here, she was constantly dealing with the Chinese. Shopping malls, huge blocks of farmland, huge complexes in the cities, skyscrapers, you name it, they are in deep in the United States. Not only do they own all the property, but they have also paid off the mainstream media, news sources, to slant things in their favor, and towards Marxism, and that is their agenda. And here we are, with a wonderful president at the helm and I am not talking about Biden, he is just a puppet. I am talking about our President Trump who is still in power, who has the military behind him, backing him, and is calling all the shots, even though it looks like Biden is calling them, he is still in control whose trying to take all these technological gifts and bring them to fruition, because they have been hidden by the black hats, so they did not want the public to know about Tesla’s remarkable achievements.

We are really, really on the edge of something huge and it could go either way, but the Lord is telling me, not so much predicting what is going to happen, He is telling me He cares about souls that are not saved. Anyone could die tomorrow, or it could happen that the people who took the shots, within two years, are going to be dead. That could happen, too, and their souls are not ready to answer to God, they are way far away from God. And I love our President, God bless him, but it is not about prosperity. We have got to repent of the things that we have done and make it right, and I believe that he is trying to do that now. The focus is not on ‘Make America great’, the focus is on ‘Make America Holy’, that is what God needs, and He will defend us to the nth degree, but if we have got our eyes on make America finically great, then we have left a huge open door. Because our values are on prosperity and not holiness, and that leaves us open to the enemy because God will protect a holy nation, but one that is seeking after prosperity He will not protect. He will bless us with prosperity when we are holy. You have to be holy to handle prosperity, otherwise it will make you even more materialistic. He will let down the protection, and America could be destroyed, and that is where we are at right now.

Right on the cusp. President Trump has done so much good, but the focus has to be on America, the holy nation. Make America holy, not make America great financially. Because of the distorted messages in Christianity right now, materialism is rampant, and sexual promiscuity is rampant in this country. Why? Because Christians are sound asleep, the only time they wake up is when they go to the mall! I hate to say it, and to my own shame, I have been that way with Amazon at times, getting excited over the next project I was working on, I needed this, and I needed that. But while our attention is on all these extraneous things, China has just been feeding us fat and happy. Our food system has been polluted and poisoned deliberately, and who do you suppose is behind that? It is the black hats that want to destroy the United States, and China is in bed with the black hats. So, my dear ones, whatever happens, whether people start dropping like flies from COVID, or if China manages to get one of their super sonic nukes into our country, there is going to be death, and people are not thinking about the state of their soul. They think they have decades, and the Lord has said you do not have decades. Yes, I had decades, I was born in 1946, but when Israel became a nation in 1948, that is when the clock started ticking, but we do not have decades anymore. All the prophecies in Daniel and Matthew, everything is set, it could happen at any minute, it could go either way.

But in any case, there is going to be more loss of life, and we have got to wake people up to stop thinking about their security and their materialism, and start thinking about their eternity, because it could be over for them tomorrow. And this is what has been breaking the Lord’s heart and causing Him to grieve so deeply. He sees how many are going to perish and He is crying out to His Bride, please, please pray for them, bring them back. He has given this message to Ezekiel for weeks along for the times when he is in deep intercession and travail. The message has been “Pray for those who are not prepared to die. Pray for them” The Blessed Mother came to me and said the same thing. His Heart is breaking over these souls that He loves tenderly, but their eyes are not on the right agenda, and they are not thinking about their eternity, and there is no guarantee that that will change at the moment of death. So, He is asking us to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him and pray for these souls that are simply not prepared to face God. So, all of this is coming to fruition right now in front of us, and it has been meticulously planned out and it has engaged many governments of the world, and all the ones that do not want the black hats ruling. Mother Elisabeth, who is going to be taking over the community after the Rapture, woke up in the morning, and she heard something repeated over and over again in her head, and it was “You are reaching the point of no return”. And she sensed it was from her husband, who had recently passed away this year and is in Heaven. Just to clarify, she is not speaking with the dead, he is in Heaven, filled with the Holy Spirit, and looks in on her, many people have experienced this with their loved ones. He was sending her a really critical message when she first woke up in the morning. She heard this over and over again, “You are reaching the point of no return.” And I pulled a card, that said, “I am coming for you.” Lovely.

And the readings from the Bible and holy books are about “Eternal Life”. He is most definitely making a point. Lord please, speak to us. You said the Rapture is going to be put off.

Jesus began,

“My little one, the time is noticeably short, each day you draw closer to your destiny in Heaven. You will soon be freed from the earthly cage that weights you down so much. Oh, how true! You will fly up and into Heaven in My arms and forever we will be together. This is no exaggeration or figure of speech, I am saying plainly, how I will take you and your beloved pets. You have a one-way ticket to Heaven and the train is departing very soon.

“Because of this great grace that you will all be given; I am charging you with a profoundly serious mandate. PRAY FOR THOSE who are not prepared, My Heart aches because there are so many. Oh, My Bride, I speak to you with all the earnestness of My broken heart. I do not wish to see any perish, but so many will. Your prayers, repentance and sacrifices will do an enormous amount of good at the very last minute.

“These souls are uninformed, totally caught up in the world and its agendas.”

Boy, you know, just look at how many people are wearing masks and playing the COVID.

Part 2

And what do you suppose is really behind this COVID game? The shot? COVID was invented for the shot, which is a bioweapon, which is going to help reduce the Earth’s population by killing people off. People who have taken the shots are not expected to live for more than five years. And do not take my word for it, do the research. Again, this is why the Lord is so upset. So, I did not want to give you false information so I took the time to look up these statistics. And I googled it, basically, with the heading– let me see where it is here: Is Agenda 2030 About Reducing The Earth’s Population, Right? So, I googled that, and what would you think the Google answer is?

United Nations Agenda 2030:

“This agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognize that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable evelopment. All countries, all stake holders acting in collaborative partnership will implement this plan.”

So, what they are saying is, every member of the UN will influence their nation with this plan. And they are putting it forth as though it is a good thing.

“We are resolved to free the race from the tyranny of poverty and want, and to heal, and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable, resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind.”

Now that is what I found on Google. What they do not mention is the 95% of the population of the Earth which will be destroyed with bio-weapons like the COVID vaccine, genocide, wars, riots, poisoned food and water, and drugs engineered by Big Pharma to have so many complications that they end up killing more people than they cure, and people die from the complications of these drugs, eventually. And these are all working arms of the United Nations and its kill agenda. Of course, “for the good of mankind”. And a host of other vehicles to kill innocent men, women, and children, for what? The Earth’s population is not overcrowded.

And when I used Duck, Duck Go as a search engine, I got an entirely different perspective. It says;

“A total world population 250 to 300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon Magazine, “The present, vast, overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contra-ception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present day by the reduction of – guess what – us. In Washington, they are saying there is no way around it at this point. A coalition of scientists announced Thursday that one-third of the world population must die to prevent wide scale depletion of the planet’s resources. And now humankind needs to figure out immediately how it wants to go about killing off more than 2 billion members of its species.”

Guys, if you use Google to search for the truth, you will likely only get an answer that makes the black hats look like heroes, and the rest of us look like wacko conspiracy theorists. And the fact of the matter is, there is plenty of room on this planet for people. Plenty of room, plenty of food, so it is a total lie made up by bad actors motivated by Satan, who wants to annihilate the whole human race because he hates God, and because man was made in God’s image, and because God loves us, and Satan cannot hurt the Lord directly, but by hurting us, he can hurt the Lord, and that is what the Lord is crying out for right now, why His Heart is broken, because of what is about to take place. In carrying it out, they have infected the swabs with Morgellons disease, the worms can be seen in a microscope, they have infected the swabs with Morgellons, as well as COVID. Not only that, but many of the masks are also infected with worms, Morgellons disease, and with COVID. It is absolutely unbelievably evil, and people are so oblivious; these are the ones we are praying for. Please forgive this long digression, but I wanted to give you a background on why the Lord is so distraught.

He continued,

“They don’t have a clue that their lives are going to end abruptly. The pandemic I allowed was My Mercy to get them to look at the shortness of life and to consider that it could happen to them tomorrow. What is so sad is that they swam right into the trap of the black hats in cooperation with demons of fear and panic, and received the vaccine that will in time kill them. Yet this again is permitted to get their attention. And cry out to Me. They do not have decades like you did. Death is at the door.”

Lord I do not understand, everything is sounding so positive in the Patriot News. From what You were saying, even though it was very well planned, as well planned as any war could be, there is still a risk of total failure? Did not You say there would be a spiritual renaissance at some point in time, a time of great conversions throughout the world?

He continued,These events will bring about massive conversions, but not without great loss and sorrow. The time of the end is upon you, it can no longer be delayed. Even mitigation is difficult, the scope of evil, the depth of perversion, the preparation of the black hats goes beyond any country’s ability to overcome.

And here I am, only referring to what can be seen. But I do not know what is going on that I cannot see.

He continued, “The Chinese have been preparing this move for decades. They all but own your country because people have sold land to them. They not only want your resources, but to impose a way of life that is totally Godless. Those who are higher up engage in Satan worship, which is well hidden from the public but is quite real, nonetheless. Why do you suppose they are the adrenochrome capital of the world? Why do you suppose they are called the Red Dragon? The appearance to the world is social structure, Communism, but the reality at the very heart, not known or understood by the majority of the people, is the worship of Satan. All you have to do is look at the fruits and you know he is its origin.”

And as I mentioned earlier in this series, Carl Marx wrote a love poem to Satan.

Jesus continued, “Please remember, dearest, the timing of the Rapture is NOT My decision. And yet I know it is near, and I grieve terribly for those who will be lost. Many are good people who simply refuse to acknowledge that I am the door to the sheepfold. Others live for their flesh, and have no concern for their tomorrow, or life after death. They are completely eaten up acquiring and accomplishing, and they do not allow anything to get in the way, especially religion. The point is, I still need your prayers while you are here on Earth, for those who will die unprepared for their destinies. They have given it extraordinarily little though and avoided it altogether, but it is coming nonetheless, and your prayers for these will make a difference. Will you pray for the unsaved, Clare?”

Yes, Lord. Could you please give us all a burden for them please?

“With or without the burden, I am asking you to pray. I know it makes no sense to you right now but trust Me, your prayers will make the difference and mend My Heart of the terrible pain I am suffering right now. Please. Pray for them.”

And that was the end of His message.

And I want to tell you that Ezekiel has been going through some torment. Physical torment. Victim soul torment. And the Lord’s Heart is just torn in half, He is suffering terribly. And the reason why is because He knows how many are going to perish and go to Hell. Now, there are two more, three more messages after this that will deal with this very subject, because the Blessed Mother came in with a message with the same tone for the situation right now, so I am going to be posting each one of these one by one. The Lord bless you, dear family. Please, please pray for those who are not thinking about the day of their death. They simply are not considering that they could perish tomorrow. Pray for them, and at the last moment the Lord will do a mighty work, and as always, the Divine Mercy Chaplet is immensely powerful for this intention.

God bless you, dear ones. Thank you for taking this message to heart.

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