In the Garden of My Heart: Tour of My Treehouse

June 15, 2021

Hey, brothers and sisters and YouTube family! I hope you guys are staying sweet and being awesome. This is Rainbow, welcome back to In the Garden of My Heart. It’s such a pleasure to have you join me here again in our time together as a family.

Today I would like to share with you a tour of my treehouse as per your request. I am really grateful you enjoy hearing about Heaven, and I do want to keep encouraging you to develop your gardens too with Jesus. In future videos and this one, I would like to apologize in advance for any noise you hear in the background. As I said in my last video it is not easy to record in a quiet peaceful place when you are a full-time mother and wife. I also wish I could put out more episodes faster for you guys, but it takes a lot of time and editing to get these things done, so please forgive us. I wish so very much that I could just take out a camera and vlog everything to you guys because I am not so good at describing direction in the spirit! But I am grateful I can’t do that very well because that gives you the freedom to close your eyes with me and use your sanctified imaginations to picture the scenery as I speak.

So just to give you a little boost, you can pause the video or stop reading—if you are reading the transcript—and say a little prayer, covering yourself with the blood of Jesus and asking Him to open up your mind and show you the things I describe, and also for Him to help you to meet with Jesus in your own special way as well.

(starts prayer)

The bible quote for today is Mark 11:24, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” NIV

So, now that we have prayed and believed that Jesus will help us to use our sanctified imaginations, I challenge you to close your eyes and let Jesus take you through the tour of our treehouse as I read. If you are having trouble with it then to kind of give you a boost, we tried to add in pictures of almost everything, as close to what it looks like as possible. That should help. You get the gist of it! You can imagine what is on that picture and then just let Holy Spirit take over.

So, without hesitation: The Tour of Our Treehouse

Our treehouse is located at the left corner of the Left Side of the Garden. At the four corners of that area, where the treehouse is located, there are mini-plants and flowers surrounding it. At the center is our simple picnic table made of the finest wood. Though made with wood it is quite comfortable to sit on. Mounted on the garden wall there is our standpipe fountain for outdoor purposes—we have one similar to it inside our greenhouse. There are wildflowers growing all around the tree trunk that gives it quite a homey feel.

But the big beauty is our three-level treehouse that sits on a strong Oak Tree. One would really wonder how Jesus was able to create such an amazing treehouse without hurting the tree or bending it to insane levels of impossible.

I am going to be honest with you guys, I had never really stood up in front of it, and I really marvel at just how awesome the architecture of the treehouse is until today. It’s like the tree was specially made for it!

The treehouse is made from cedarwood. It is not painted but is coated with a layer of varnish for extra shine. I don’t know what the roofing or anything else is made up of, but I do know it is 100% nature-friendly material.

To get up to the semi-big porch you would walk up the slightly spiraled stairs to take you there. Our porch stretches 180 degrees from the front and both sides of the treehouse. The stairs are on the right-hand side of the porch. So, seeing that we are on the right-hand side of the treehouse, let’s take a walk down that side to see what is there.

As you walk down the right-hand side—or the corridor, I believe they call it—you would notice our first sliding window and then a little way down our backdoor, which leads to the kitchen. This is our only back door, mainly. Not too far down where we come to the end of this side you will notice our big yellow slide, (I think I will repaint it sooner or later, I’m thinking like a green or like a pink.…I’d better as the Lord ~smile~). I will leave you to guess who wanted to add a slide that is connected to our porch? It’s very convenient by the way.

Well, now that you have seen this side of the porch, I’ll take you over to the left side and then I will give you a description of the front.

On the left side of the corridor on the right, there isn’t another window to the wall, but there is another door. Simply because further ahead from the door are some stairs that lead up to the third floor from the outside. Walking back over to the front, to the left side there are a few things we have put out here. Now, we hardly wear shoes, but I am considering putting a shoe stand out here.

The porch isn’t very huge but more of moderate size. It holds a beautiful porch swing decorated with soft padded cushions for comfort and fluffy white throw pillows for style. At the side of it is where I have my plant pot of beautiful flowers. These flowers were a gift I had given to Jesus after I had created them with Papa God. The inspiration came when He made a flower just for me, though I think maybe He called it the Rainbow Flower. Jesus’s flowers are custom-made in color and design and have the essence of pure love. I don’t have a name for them yet, but I imagine I would probably name them after Him in some kind of way. This one is the only plant pot you may see up here on the porch because I haven’t upgraded too much on the treehouse. However, there are more flowers below on ground level. It’s quite simple, compared to how extravagant some treehouses can be in Heaven.

We have glass sliding doors for the front door and a small mat at the entrance. On entering into the treehouse you will be standing in our living room and dining room. Since we have a picnic table downstairs and we also have an island with chairs in the kitchen, the wisest thing to do is combine the living area and dining area in one! At first, this was a huge area, but we separated the kitchen and living/dining space by a wall with an entrance at the side.

On the left-hand side of our living/dining room, we have our little altar right next to the door, followed by our comfy black sofa bed next to it—just underneath the window, I told you about earlier. In the middle of the room lies an oval fluffy brown rug on the floor with a rectangular wooden coffee table on top of it. Like I said guys, really, really simple. Like I said, guys, really, really simple.

(Now, of course, I upgraded it…because I thought it was too simple for my taste…probably Jesus would have wanted me to keep it…He liked it!) On the left side of the room, we have our short medium-sized varnished wooden bookshelf where we keep books and supplies. On top of the bookshelf is where we keep displays of activities we did together. For example, at Christmas time we made a nativity display together and I believe gingerbread house and we displayed it there. Next to the bookshelf, we have two comfy bean bags that we sit on to read or relax. Moving over to the other side is where we actually have our dining area.

In that area, there is a round wooden dining table with comfy padded wooden chairs around it. On top of it are a few eating mats and a vase of flowers in the middle, but no tablecloth, just very simple. The curtains in that room, along with every other room, were made with white satin the most simple color there is. We also have a few framed pictures of our art and a crucifix on the wall.

Well, under the door of the kitchen, for those of you who love kitchens like myself, I think you are going to find this fascinating.

Well, on to the tour of the kitchen. Our kitchen is like any standard kitchen. It has an island in the middle and everything a classic kitchen would have in it. A stove, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, sink with a window over it, and so on. The cabinets and the island along with the chairs were made out of wood and varnished. However, the countertops are made with special tiles, that I don’t know the name of.

Before I continue the tour, I’ll bet you are wondering what’s the need for a sink and fridge, etc., because Heaven isn’t Earth: there is no waste. Things always stay fresh, and beverages are always cold? Yes, you are right, having these things are practically useless. Even the kitchen itself is useless because you can just think about having a plate of food and it’s there. The reason we added a kitchen is because Jesus and I have bonded so very much over cooking for the children, baking, experimenting by using culinary chemistry (that’s a thing), and having fun. Not having a kitchen really takes away from a cozy home. I feel like it’s just one of those places where family time happens, and a lot of love is shared. So yes, there is no waste, so it is so much easier to clean things up and you never have to worry about quantity and the quality of things!

I do have a few WOW surprises for you though. When I told you earlier that one would really wonder how Jesus could create such an impossible treehouse, I was not only talking about the exterior but the interior as well. You see, if anyone were to come into the treehouse to the kitchen, they would just see a standard-size fridge—nothing to it. But, when you open it, immediately your gonna be asking questions. Why? Because we have a walk-in fridge in our kitchen that has lots and lots of space.

Next to the kitchen, we have our pantry for dry items. So, now you are about to find out why I said our treehouse has three stories. Next to the pantry, we have another door that leads us down the steps to our ground-level room, or our Agha, (the word does not have anything to do with the room, it just came to mind, and I stuck with it). The special thing about the Agha is that it is painted a light white color and fully carpeted, even the stairs are laid with carpet. It is very impossible to build a room inside of a tree trunk, at least not that big and I don’t know how Lord Jesus did it, but it is a very beautiful room!

In the AGHA I would say it’s a very relaxing and peaceful place and a place where you can rest and express your creativity because there are two areas. The Art area, where we keep all our art supplies, paper, drawings, projects and where we do a lot of our creating besides the kitchen. We also keep some storage down here. The second area is the music area. We make music here, and here is where I write songs. The most beautiful thing about this area is that all the instruments are custom made with different designs and they are all light pink and white with my name written on them in gold. It was a gift I was given last year along with the flowers because of a desire I have in my heart.

After those two areas, we have not really added anything else to the Agha to make it even more relaxing. But when the ideas do come up, we will.

Well, back up the stairs into the kitchen, near the refrigerator, are the stairs to the third floor. On the third floor is our dorm area. There is a walk-in closet entry just as you get up the steps. There is where we keep all of our clothing and stuff. On the main side, you would notice that the room is divided into two short sides and one long side—this is looking from a horizontal point of view.

One short side is my sleeping area, and the other is His. It shouldn’t be hard to tell which is whose because my side, which is the one at the end looking like a unicorn mixed with toy and Candy Land threw up or had a baby or something, and Jesus’s side is more simple and well put together. We both have our own beds and a chest just at the base of it to keep our valuables. The rest is our own personal touch.

The long side, however, is our chill section. It has a beautiful rug horizontally across the floor. A small coffee table in the middle of two comfy bean bag chairs. A knee-height bookshelf was also added in. Here we just relax and probably have a snack or maybe have some quiet time before we go to bed or after we freshen up.

It isn’t meant for recreational use but a place to just calm down and relax.

Before I show you the last room on the third floor, I wanted to clear up maybe some questions that may be bouncing around in your mind. In Heaven there is no need to sleep and there surely isn’t any night in Heaven, but sleeping is a luxury that you can have if you wanted to and it would not hinder you in any way. The reason we have our dorm area is because, well, sometimes the Lord sleeps over at my house and I sleepover at our house. You can call it mini-slumber parties just like our date nights which I will write about. There is no night in Heaven, but He puts a galaxy in the sky for me from time to time.

On Jesus’s side of the room, there is a door that leads to the last room of our treehouse—and that is our screened-in porch. It has the comfiest sofas and of course, a table in the middle for snacks and so on. The lighting and breeze in here are all-natural and it really gives off a refreshing and nature-like feel. Mounted on the wall we have a movie screen for when we have movie nights. It can easily be pulled down for when we want to watch, and up, for when we use it for recreational purposes. It’s very peaceful to sit up here and think or to spend time with Mama Mary and Papa God. That’s why it’s the Family room. As I mentioned earlier there are steps leading up to it from the outside, so you have two-way access.

Well, there you have it guys, a full tour of our treehouse.

I would like to apologize to you for my poor sense of explaining direction and lack of description, but I did my best. I hope that you have enjoyed your time listening and getting into my life with the Lord. I have many things to share with you in the future but, of course, every good thing takes time and hard work. Please do indeed let me know how you set up your garden and some of the adventures you have been on with Him—I would love to read your stories. I love you all dearly!

Well that ends or time for today. May God bless you till we meet again. Bye-bye

– Rainbow.


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