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June 3, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers Family. May you all be blessed.

I promised a compilation video of all the Heartdwellers who were not only willing to use their gifts but to share them with you all. I received a wonderful response as many of us have finally risen out of our bed of laziness and are working on the gifts God has given us. One of our priests got this rhema the other day and shared it with me which I feel is so timely for this message and it said,

“You have been given priceless gifts from Heaven. If you use them badly or not at all, you will experience great sorrow and pain on that day. Avoid this and apply yourself while there is still yet time”.

Wow, that is so on point is it not? It is important for us all to understand that one day we all will be held accountable before God with what we have been given. How did you use your time? How did you use the graces he gave you and how did you use your gifts? Everything here on earth has been given to us as a loan from God and he is wanting a return on his investment when he comes back as he has made clear in The Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25:14–30.

I hope this video encourages you that it is never about the results or finished work of your gifts that the Lord cares about, but it is about the work, patience, and time you took to do it just for him. That is what is different about the world and being a servant of God. The world is so result-oriented, competitive, and constantly comparing you to another. So many don’t pursue their gifts because you have put a standard in your mind of what success, beautiful, or good looks and sounds like. Jesus doesn’t see things that way at all. In Heaven, everything done out of love and purity for him is a sweet-smelling aroma and pours forth anointing on everyone who sees it or hears it. So for those who have always wanted to sing, but you have believed the lie that you don’t have a gift of singing because you don’t sound like so and so, cast that thought down and know your voice is unique. And like a plug to an outlet, only your unique voice can bring God consolation and joy that no one else can. So he loves to hear you sing, sing! Then there are others who say, well I can’t draw at all, I can’t paint, I can’t write like so and so. Once again, get your eyes off of others and on Jesus, who desperately needs, desires, and longs to see you create for him, to him and for him and with him. That is the most beautiful thing when using your gifts. You are in fact, ministering to Jesus first. It brings him so much joy and consolation. And in that, he anoints what you’re doing to draw other souls to him.

So I pray you’re blessed by these few who were courageous enough to be vulnerable and share a deep place in their heart with you where they create for Jesus. I also pray it inspires many of you to use your gifts. If you don’t know what they are simply ask Jesus and he will show you or give you an inspiration. God bless you all I hope you enjoy!


The first beautiful gift I want to share with you guys is a song from Alice. She emailed me and said, “Hi dear sister I have a song in my heart, and I have to sing ….is not perfect but I asked Jesus for help, so here it is.” 

The next beautiful gift I want to share with you is a beautiful rosary song from Rainbow and she was wanting to calm down a child to put him to sleep. She says, “I thought of saying the rosary to him, but he loves music, so I began to try to sing the rosary and this melody came out of me. A day before the Mother of Mercy website was to be launched, I took the courage to record it softly without waking him up. So here it is a beautiful lullaby …

This gift is from Anne, one of our priests. Here is a snippet from her first song called “Our Father” and she writes, “This song came as a result of an encounter with Father God in a dream. He was so amazing he surprised me when I least expected him to. So, as a sign of gratitude, I decided to sing him a song. I was going through a difficult time no money, no Godly friends, no home. The temptation to turn back on Jesus was strong! That’s when Abba Father showed up in my dream and said I could call on him anytime. The second song is called “I Am Yours.”

This Heartdweller, who wants to remain anonymous, has been playing music for years solely to minister to Jesus. I encouraged her to share her gift of singing with you guys and here is her wonderful video.

This is Lisa, she is an artist all around, painting and singing. Here is a song cover she did of “He is Exalted by Twila Paris.”

Lastly, is Lena who has been in music ministry for a while, and here is a snippet of a live prayer room session she did in German with her children singing worship music. You can still feel the anointing although it’s not in English, and her voice is beautiful!

The next few gifts are from different Heartdwellers who have been given the grace to draw and paint.


This is David’s who is 16 yrs. old and made this image from magazine clippings to create a collage that looks like Jesus. It is quite amazing, he is talented! 

These are drawings from Katarina who lives in Germany and wonderfully anointed by the Lord in drawing, here is some of her work.

This drawing is from Bine she writes, “Dearest Mother Mary-Elisha, in one of your last messages you said that you want to collect paintings, music and other arts and show them others to motivate them to practice their talents from God. So I attached a painting to this email maybe you can use it. On that painting is the women from the Revelation with the crown of twelve stars on her head. “

Here are the gifts of Irina from Portugal, also another talented artist who does book covers, paintings and Christian comic books. She is also the one who has edited and put all video montages together for the messages in the Daddy Speaking series and from the recent message “Return to Me America”. I cried out to the Lord asking him to bring someone who had the same vision as I had to help me, and he brought her. She is so talented and anointed!

This is a painting from Ms. Lisa whom you just heard singing the song cover and is also an artist. Here is the wonderful painting “Heaven School” she did for the City of God Sacred Heart Refuge Community which will be a mural we will put in the school!

This is a drawing from Ms. Geryl, who was also being prompted by the Lord recently to really work on her gifts. She kept asking the Lord what gifts and the Lord brought an old inspiration of drawing back. Here she says;

“My mother was an artist who was studying to become a fashion designer before taking a detour to marry my dad and have five kids. She had a set of art books when I was growing up, which I used to develop some basic techniques. When Mother Elisha said that Jesus wanted us to work on our gifts, several weeks went by with my asking, “What gifts?”. I finally decided to buy a sketching pad and attempt to draw Jesus”. 

Amazing right for the first time, It’s beautiful!

Mother Mary Elisha
I also would like to share a few paintings I have done. Having no painting skills I was inspired by Mother Clare’s painting of Jesus and asked Holy Spirit to please do it through me and I was amazed. I love to paint and draw but this season has been so busy with utilizing other gifts so maybe sometime in the future the Lord will have me pick it up again.

I would like to end with a beautiful poem from Ms. Melinda who gives us a wonderful testimony of more than 50 poems she has now written. She shares, “When my uncle passed away in March of 2017 and he was cremated, and my family had a Memorial Service for him. The Holy Spirit had written a Poem through me, and He said I should begin writing poems, so that they can minister to others. He has used me to write for a memorial service twice. I just let the Holy Spirit work and I allow Him to use me, and His work turns out marvelous. Months ago He had me buy a binder; It has over 50 poems now.

This poem is called:

“I have You”

The world doesn’t know, but I have You.
Because they don’t see or believe they have no clue,
I may not have gold, silver, diamonds, and pearls,
You are the Only person Who matters to me in the whole wide world.

Nothing else matters because I have You,
No one else can do me like You do.
Your blessings, favors, miracles, wonders, graces, and mercies.
I am thankful and grateful that I have You.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and also were ministered to by the amazing anointing on these souls who have no talent of their own but simply said “Holy Spirit please do it through me” and got up from their bed of laziness in the process. So yield yourself, work on your gifts and ask Holy Spirit to do it through you and when you leave the results to him you will be amazed at what he does through you. God bless you, family until the next message.

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