Feed Your Flesh and You Will Be Fleshy

May 22, 2021

Hello fellow Heartdwellers, blessings to you all…

I am one of the intercessors for the channel, and this is a message that I received from Blessed Mother on May the 18th, and Mother Elisha has requested that I share it with you all. We know that the Lord uses our covering many times to convey direction. So… I said “Yes”, and here I am…

In the wee hours of the morning of that day, I came to prayer under heavy oppression, which I must say I had been carrying for a couple of weeks. Mainly because I had been very spotty in my prayer time and lazy. I had gone in the world, per se. I went to a hotel for a few days with my family to celebrate my Father’s 70th birthday, and that took a big toll on my usual prayer time with the Lord. And of course, the enemy took advantage of that to demoralize me and to even cause me to self-condemn. So, that morning I went to the Lord to seek guidance on how to recapacitate. But the readings scared me a bit because one of them said, ‘I must reflect that I have a soul to save and an eternity that awaits me. That the world, riches, pleasures, and honors will pass away… And so, to take care… ‘

And I went for another one, which said, “When you see these things happening, know that He is near, at the gates.”

And the third one was even scarier to me because it mentioned that I had a longing for money and for what it gives; like superfluities, luxuries and, even fans… Like I had a following… I don’t know of any following that I have…

And it went on to say that my needs will increase due to that longing, because one thing brings another, and the result will be endless dissatisfaction…

So, I reached out to my covering, completely distraught. By then I was completely out of it, feeling really bad. I was asking her to please help me figure this out; that I hated this cycle of failing my Jesus. Because I would continuously fall into these cold streaks in my walk with Him, and that those readings are not new to me… I said to her that I had almost an hour trying to pray and in adoration, but my mind was all over the place, and lukewarmness was sickening me… I said to her that self-will and disobedience were killing me – as if I couldn’t even control myself… I also mentioned that; I’m now 40 with nothing to show for it, nothing at all… and that maybe that was what the rhemas were about…

And I heard the voice of someone say to me, “You’re so picky… “

And I thought, “What was that?” And I went and got another rhema that said, “The Blessed Mother”. And another that said, “Anyone who wants to be true Christian must mortify His flesh for no other reason but devotion to Jesus who, for love of us, mortified His entire body on the cross.” And the third rhema said plainly, “Mercy”.

I remembered that every time you get rhema there is someone speaking to you. So I said, “Thank you Blessed Mother for praying for me, please continue to pray for me”. And then, I felt this urge to write down a message…

And Blessed Mother began,

“Feed your flesh and you’ll continually be fleshy, feed your spirit and you’ll grow exponentially in the spirit. You are called, answer the call, my son. You were never meant to sit and be a spectator, you were always supposed to rise to the occasion. But your flesh is holding you back. You’re in the back seat because you have chosen to be lazy, and the oppression is for your own good, you know that. If it weren’t for that, you would have been very far away, lost in your vices and sin. But Love has kept you and chained you to itself so that even as it moves, and though you’re unaware, He makes you to participate in the graces He pours out to His faithful ones”.

(And at that moment, I’m thinking; Faithful one?! I’m not faithful…”)

She continued saying, “It’s no secret that you’re not faithful, but you have understood and know it’s hard for you because you’re called to be the most faithful.”

At that point, I asked her, “Is it all about self-will for me Mother?

And she answered, “Not entirely. You have great waves of interference against you, which of course you were given the grace to overcome. And yes, also laziness and the unwillingness to go beyond yourself to remember certain things and to be responsible with certain things.” And she went silent for a second and then said…

“With an act of the Will alone you may vanquish self-will.”

Then I asked, “What act is that Blessed Mother?”

And she responded, saying; “Violence to the flesh, at every occasion until it becomes second nature. And the demons will stop flocking to that little hole that many times opens due to that sin. It’s opened by that very demon of self-will that influences you through laziness and apathy, to which you are very weak. You only have to ask for the strength against those and it will be given”.

So guys, at that point… I asked… I asked for the grace; I asked for strength. After I did, I felt the urge to stand up and stretch; after I asked for the strength to vanquish laziness and apathy. I also felt a nudge to take my routing sword and slice through them and to be violent in the act of removing their heads. I pierced it with my sword and then I removed it, I detached it from their bodies. As I threw their heads with the sword, instead of slicing, I just removed them from their bodies. And I as I threw them to release them by shaking and flinging the sword. I felt that I should pick them and throw them in the air and hit them with the same sword as if with a bat, which I did. And then I sat down.

After I asked Blessed Mother, “So, what else, Mother?”

After asking I went got a rhema, for some reason, and the first read as follow:

“We must actively seek to carry out God’s will and passively accept all that His will sends us… This state is a gift of our entire being to God for Him to use as He pleases.”

And the next rhema said:

“Why do you allow your sufferings to burden you? Do you not know that these shall bring sweet fruit for the Kingdom of God? Know that I Am in control.”

Then I got a random message from YouTube of a guy speaking about BINDING THE STRONGMEN OF BAAL OVER MY LIFE, OVER MY FINANCES, TO BREAK THE DROUGHT IN MY LIFE… Because really there is a drought in finances also, which brings a lot of friction between me and my wife. The guy was saying that I need to learn from the Lord how to bind the drought over my life…

And I went to the Lord asking, “Is it your will Lord, I that I bind Baal over my Life? I don’t believe this was a coincidence…”

I got “Obedience” from the Bible Promises.

So I asked the Lord, “How do I do this?”

I went to get Rhema messages again from the website and got the following:

“Give yourself up to all His (Holy Spirit’s) transports and have no fear. He is so wise and gentle and discreet, that he never brings about anything but good. How good this Holy Spirit, this Comforter, is to all, but how supremely good He is to those who seek Him.”

And the next rhema said:

“Say not; I cannot take these things from such a man, and things of this kind are not to be suffered by me for he has done me great injury, and he upbraids me with things I never thought of.”

What that means to me is that I should never say that I’m not going to take that, from this person, because what they’re doing to me is really bad and I don’t deserve it. So, the Lord is telling me that such a thought is foolish because I’m not considering the virtue of patience for which I will be crowned.

So, I was very puzzled because I started getting this weird sensation that suffering was coming. Blessed Mother did mention suffering, that suffering was coming. And the next word I got was,

“Suffering seemed to spring out of the ground”.

And I said, “Oh-oh… is there a suffering coming Lord?”

For this question, I got, “Humility”.

Psalm 25:9, “He leads those without pride into what is right and teaches them his ways…”

The thought came to me, “I’m going to lose my job…?”

So, I asked the Lord, “Am I going to lose my job?”, and I got,

Prayer” – which is a Yes…

1 John 5:14-15, “We are sure that if we ask for anything that He wants us to have, He will hear us. If we are sure He hears us when we ask, we can be sure He will give us what we ask for.”

The answer scared me but there was this peace because it was like He was putting me at ease so that I wouldn’t be frantic when it is to happen. And the thought came to me that it will be because of the vaccine, to which I got, “Yes”.


Zechariah 13:9, “And I will bring the third part through the fire, I will make them pure like silver is made pure. I will test them as gold is tested. They will call on my Name and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are my people’ and they will say, ‘The Lord is my God’”.

Guys, more trials are coming to the body, and coincidentally, my son yesterday told me, “I don’t like that job for you Daddy”

So, trials are coming to the body and a lot of us are going to suffer, lose their jobs and go through hardships. But, from my understanding so far, it’s not going to be so bad to the point of famine. We’re going to have enough; He’s going to supply. However, the trial will come because He is purifying us. It’s a time that’s coming to separate between those that are really for Him and those that are not, there will be a clear separation.

So, let’s pray for those that will lose their jobs, like myself. Let’s pray for those that are going to be frantic, nervous, and worried; let’s pray that they find their strength in the Lord.

This was the message from the Lord and Blessed Mother. If you’re like me and feeling that you have not been faithful enough in your prayer time, and have not spent the time that you should with the Lord, just remember that it’s not about what you do with Him and for Him, but it’s about His Love for you. Because He died for and did everything already. If you’re feeling unsatisfied with all that; because you’re feeling a separation from Him; because you’re not dedicating enough time to Him, that also is a lie from the enemy. Remember that He is always there with His arms wide open. So, do not let the oppression take you over. Don’t let it happen!

If you have some things to take care of, like myself who allows the flesh to take control, (I allow laziness to govern me and apathy) if you’re like me and these things are plaguing you, He has just told you to just ask for the strength to vanquish self-will and all it’s acylates, and you will…

So, let’s take our swords guys, and move forward with a victorious mindset.

I bless you now. May the Lord Bless you and may He shine His light before you, May He be the lamp at your feet. I pray that He guides you through this time that is coming, and He gives you this Peace that only comes from Him, the Peace that surpasses all understanding.

And I bless you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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