New Anointing Comes With a Crowns

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers Family. May you all be blessed.

This past Sunday we had our community worship prayer service. Where we gather together, to break bread, fellowship, share rhemas and worship together. Mother Clare always allows Holy Spirit to choose the playlist each Sunday and the last song the Lord picked for us was Heavenly. I found myself full of such peace, eyes closed and my body so relaxed. Then I began to feel a tingling sensation on the crown of my head. This has happened before in the past many times and  it alway signifies that I am being giving some type of gift in the spirit, a mantle, or a crown. Then I thought wait a crown always means a fiery trial and He is giving me the crown now to encourage me that I will get through it and obtain a crown through the test. Of course this brought anxiety then I heard the Lord say softly in my heart. “New anointings are coming” as I sighed in relief, still with my eyes closed and the sensation still upon my head. Then Jesus opened my eyes in the spirit and I saw what looked like a man in the corner of Mother Clare’s room, but I knew he was an Angel. He was in all white holding a tall, huge flask of golden oil. He went around the room and began pouring the oil on the head of each person there at the service. As I opened my eyes everyone was still in a state of worship with their eyes closed and relaxed. I closed my eyes again, but the eyes of my heart were still open. I then saw the angel pouring the oil on each person not physically, but in the spirit and everyone looked different. I saw the spirit of everyone in the room and they were all kings and queens with one knee bowed to the ground and their heads bowed low as the oil was being poured on their heads. Each person had a different mantle in the room, it was very colorful. One of my brothers a had golden mantle, another blue, then green, and another had black and gold. The ladies mantle consisted of fuchsia, purple, and red. I didn’t see what I had on, but I now realized the sensation on my head was oil being poured over me. The new anointing Jesus was giving us.

When I came out of the vision I shared it with the community and everyone was greatly encouraged and inspired. As we were all excited to receive such a wonderful gift from the Lord anticipating what these new anointing could be. Once I got home that evening I pulled the rhema “ The anointing I gave you still remains in You”. I thought to myself wow, Lord such a confirmation of what I saw in that vision. It really was the Lord.

The following morning in prayer I sat before Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and just worshiped him. Thanksgiving and praise was overflowing from my heart and I had the most wonderful time in his presence. The past week he has been giving me so much inspirations for many things he wants  me to do which are exciting as I wonder Lord I am not capable of these things, but I trust He will do it through me.

I began to feel the same sensation on my head wondering if this was again another anointing, but this time I strongly sensed it was a crown Jesus was giving me. I thought to myself, nooooo (laughing) not a trial Lord. A trial with a crown is not just any trial it is very difficult and the fire is hot. Just as I was having these thought in my mind he played the song “all to thee” which talked about casting all our crowns at his feet for him to get all the glory. Which confirmed it was a crown that Jesus gave me, I sighed asking the Lord to give me the strength for the trial coming.

Many thoughts where coming to my mind at that time and I knew that Jesus wanted to speak to me so I stopped and came before him saying,

Good morning Lord, my love, I have missed you. I know you’re very present, but I have had such a longing for you Jesus. Thank you for all your doing, the inspirations you have been giving me. I am blown away and feel very incapable of doing it all. Thank you most of all for your love that encourages me greatly. I believe you gave me another crown today Lord, which means a trial is coming. oh Lord, help me.

Jesus responded,

“Remember it is all for my glory, my very little one. When you keep your heart fixed on Heaven and your eyes on Me, you then will graciously take the crowns I give to you now, that you will be crowned with in Heaven, once you arrive. A crown always proceeds new anointing. Didn’t I tell you new anointings where coming?”

Yes, Lord you did.

“Well that comes with a cost my beloved one. It is in the pressing and the crushing of the olives that the oil is retrieved and that goes the same for souls. It is in the anointing that breaks the yoke Isaiah 10:27 and if you want to walk in greater anointing and power for My glory it comes with many trials and test in which you will be crowned. I now wan’t to talk to my faithful ones. My beloved brides, restoration is on it’s way, but you still will have various test and trials coming. Today I have not given just this little one a crown, but you all have received crowns in the spirit, indicating the new anointing that I will give you at the end of this trial. You see my Heartdwellers, many of you are called to be kings and queens in Heaven.For you have been faithful with the little and in Heaven you will be given authority over much because you have endured with Me, persevered with Me and died with Me here on earth. 

As an aside he is referring too Revelation 20:4 the first sentence of the scripture states,I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. 

At this point I began to think how is it possible to wear more than one crown like it says of the twenty four elders who cast their crowns down at Jesus feet. Revelations 4:10 The twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives for ever and ever. They lay their crowns before the throne…

I know this may be a dumb thought, but I was thinking we have only one head how is it possible to wear or have many crowns. Will we wear several crown on top of one another?  As I was saying that in my heart I then saw a vision of a table and it had various crowns on it. Some golden, plain, others jeweled, others full of crystals, but the were in variations and sizes and I knew it was for one person. Then the thought came to my mind, it is just like a king who has robes and crowns for different audiences at different times to indicate different occasions. So will we have different crowns to indicate different occasions in Heaven.

I even thought of Blessed Mother, she is the Queen of Heaven and in all her apparitions she always wears a different crown and robe each time. Which is meant to be uniquely significant to the culture, the area and to the person she appears too. She too has many, many crowns, then I understood.

Jesus continued,

“Only in Heaven will you see the many crowns you have acquired. Some on earth only tarry for one crown while I call many of my faithful ones to many crowns. I leave it to their will, to persevere through every trial I allow. Some are lazy and give into their flesh so their crowns are given to another who will persevere and finish the race. That is all of you my beloved brides and Heartdwellers. You have been predestined for this because I foresaw the future and knew that each of you loved me very much amidst your weakness and would persevere until the end. I come to encourage you, please do not be shaken by what I am permit in this trial, but know that it’s for your good, very good for you and I always bring consolation after a suffering and that is the new anointing coming your way.

The highest crown in Heaven is that of martyrdom and you my beloved brides are called to a life of martyrdom. Some of you will quite literally be called to give your lives to me in a physical death at the end, but many of you are called to a life of white martyrdom. Dying to yourself daily, dying that I may live fully in you. That comes with loving kisses from my cross, to share in my sufferings although at times it feels like crushing blows. They are all one and the same because they are from Me. I don’t want you to live for the things of this life any longer, but keep your eyes fixed on Heaven, that is your true home. Although, the world sees you as insignificant, your life seemingly ordinary, no recognition, and you find yourself continuously wearing my crown of suffering, enduring scorn and contempt, you are baring copious fruit. That is a life laid down, martyred for love of Me as you die to yourself in the trials I send, I arise in you.

My beloved brides no longer fear suffering or trials. They will continue until I come to take you in glory, but the more the trials you face and endure through, the greater your anointing will be to bring many souls to Me. With new anointing comes new supernatural gifts I love to give my bride to bring healing and deliverance to a dark and hopeless world. So today I crown you with faith and courage to endure in this coming trial. That one day very soon, I will raise up before all Heaven to hand you a scepter and a throne to share in My glory because you have shared in my sufferings.”

That was the end of Jesus message

What a beautiful Message From Jesus, after receiving this message yesterday morning I told Mother Clare about it and in the evening she pulled a rhema that said “ All praise be Yours, my Lord, Through those who grant pardon for love of You; Through those who endure sickness and trial. Happy those who endure in peace; By You, Most High they will be crowned” wow, another wonderful confirmation.

 I Then became curios about the crowns we are called to receive and felt inspired to look up in scripture the different crowns. 

Proverbs 4:9- You receive, The Crown of Beauty.

Revelations 2:10- You receive, The Crown of Life

1 Peter 5:4- You receive, The Crown of Glory

2 Timothy 4:8 – You receive, The Crown of Righteousness

1 Corinthians 9:24-25- You receive, The Incorruptible Crown

1 Thessalonians 2:19- The Crown of rejoicing

I am pretty sure there are many more crowns that  don’t appear in scripture, but we will know once we get to Heaven. I wouldn’t be honest If I didn’t say I became a little anxious concerning what this trial maybe. I had told my intercessors that the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of each month are when the witches release curses and especially for this month leading up to May 1st which is the Feast of Beltane. The highest Satanic feast day besides Halloween. Jesus gave us a message about that last year if you remember and had us praying a novena to St. Therese to combat the assignments the enemy had released that month. So forewarned is to be forearmed these next two weeks as we trust the Lord, his mercy and submit to the cross that he gives us to carry knowing that it is al about souls.

It already started the following morning in the community. When our only vehicle broke down an hour away with all the groceries in it and Father Ezekiel was reeling in pain all morning and afternoon. It was a difficult day for all of us in the community but we thank God he ended our day in peace.

Jesus speaks on white martyrdom, but if you would like more understanding on that subject listen to the message “Your Lives Have Not Been Wasted. A message given to Mother Clare where he went in-depth concerning that. And If I may say, I remember that message and it gave me so much encouragement in my walk because I had been walking with Jesus for a while and felt like I had no fruit and nothing significant had happened in my life so I felt I wasn’t doing anything significant for Jesus, boy was I wrong. I believe this will encourage many of you so please listen to it. I will provide the link below.

I want to continue to thank all those who continue to donate to the City of God mission, thank you so much for your faithfulness, your words of encouragement and prayers. May God continue to richly bless you. I ask everyone to please follow us on Rumble if you haven’t already. We had a Vimeo channel but it was removed because of messages about President Trump and Black Lives Matter. The enemy is really doing everything he can to hide the truth about what is really going on and using weak souls to do it. Please  pray for this channel and subscribe to Rumble if you haven’t already if this channel is removed. God bless you family until the next message.

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