Young People of This generation Finish The Race To Win

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all be blessed.

I received an email from a young lady who has been with Heartdwellers since 2017. She said the Lord had given her two dreams, at first she thought were about the refuge in Taos however, when I began to share the vision of the City of God Community in Ghana she then realized that the dreams were about the community and she wanted my help to discern it.  When I read the dream it was amazing, and so encouraging about the plans the Lord has for the City of God. Jesus knew I needed some encouragement since I have been waiting for several things to fall into place and this dream inspired me yet again as to what the Lord has in store for those who are called.  Here is what she shared in the email and her dream :

“I am here to share something with you if I may take some time from your time.  I do not know what to make of a dream I had years ago around the time the Refuge with mother Clare was starting, (which guys was just two year ago).  I presumed the dream was about that Refuge place in Taos, but now I am thinking again.  I would like to tell you some events in dreams I have had that stick to me deeply. Maybe you have heard about this dream before since I had written an email to Heartdwellers with an application to go to the mountain at the beginning. But here it is;

     I was sitting on some stone stairs and saw some school-like buildings on that territory. Watching and examining the “warm” place. I saw also a few people coming and lodging inside some of the buildings, to live there since they had no other place to go.  Then as I looked around even more, I noticed more people arriving.  Many of them were teens of all nations and kinds, so to say, but I had a keen sense of them being “heartdwellers”  “filled with the Spirit” “gut real for Jesus”.  That place even seemed to have children, because there was a kid speaking an encouraging word over me that felt more like a “prophetic word”. I think he wasn’t even six or seven years old yet. (He encouraged me cuz I was kinda sad in the dream because of an unsaved person I knew there).  

In the dream was a lady. A strong or firm lady so to say. She had strong authority, although young.  This lady-boss was in charge, as I felt it.  She challenged me to step out of my insecure zone and go lay hands on a man for healing.  The man had no legs at all. He was walking in crutches.  This request of hers made me very insecure since I never did a healing thing before, but this lady-boss was sure of what she was saying and refused to back down. Lol.  Yes,  the man got his new legs and began running like a kid during his healing. I was weeping in my dream when I realized this huge breakthrough with me that could only come from God.  The sweetness and conviction of that moment and tears felt totally of the Holy Spirit. 

Then I woke up. 

And it remained within me ever since. 

Later after having the dream, I began to know about a certain “Nana” ( that was my former name guys before I took my vows) and when I gradually saw more of you in the videos, I thought, “She gives off the vibe of that lady-boss in my dream. What if it’s her?” 

During this past year I saw myself in another dream running nonchalantly in a race. Running the race in a very slow casual pace and I was chatting with people around me as they too ran the race.  This casual pace began to frustrate me and made me wonder simultaneously, “Why am I going so slow?”  Then right after, suddenly from my left side appears a tall African girl racing at full speed, causing me to race at full speed too, (to my surprise that speed was actually in my ability to do). The girl was serious and devoted about the race and caused me to do the same. (Although my motives might have been out of competition…)

I pondered if the tall African girl is you also? (her height) might mean the tall Calling she has on her life. Like, spiritually. Since I think you are not as tall as she was. Lol, no offense. (None taken my friend)

And then, when you told us about your vision of the City of God, I thought how it “fit” to that scene in my dream, or was very close to it.  Since you said, there would be a school building, I thought how much of a “coincidence” that was, children, the poor, and crippled people. Teens and teen-adults of different nations coming in. The lady-boss that had the aura of “Nana”.  (Which again was my former name)

So once I received her email I was in wonder all over again at seeing and hearing a different aspect of what Jesus and Blessed Mother will do in the community. It is another thing to be given revelation from the Lord but it is the most encouragement and amazing thing when he gives that revelation to others to inspire and encourage you. So that morning I began meditating on all that she said and experienced in the dream. I couldn’t get it out of my mind that she saw several teenagers that coming from all over the world to volunteer and be apart of the community. I was amazed at the revelation

It made me think of when I lead a small group for my church and there were more young people in the group than those my age and it was the young ones of the group who were really zealous for Jesus  and so willing to help with the poor and homeless ministry. I thought hmm, Lord could this be?

Then that day, I received a text in my family group of my 14 year old niece who is looking like a 18yr old. It really concerned me about the youth of this generation, but immeadiately a thought came to my mind that I was just like her at her age and the Lord did a great transformation in my life.

We also just received our youngest member as an intercessor, a 16 year old boy who is really on fire for Jesus. So many of these thoughts were going through my mind and after prayer I sensed the Lord wanted to talk with me about it.

I came before him saying, Good morning my  love,

Lord I’m getting all these thoughts concerning young people and many young adults being apart of the City of God?

Jesus responded,

Yes, beloved I know you have had concerns with those in your family, but just as I reminded you, look what I did with you. Were you not fully engrossed in the world, trends, fashions and sayings more than most?

Yes, Lord I definitely was 

And look at the amazing transformation I could have only done. So there is no need to worry concerning those in your family, for the young ones of this generation. They are in need of much prayer, but they will be the generation that will most respond to my graces and anointing given to them, to leave many in awe of my merciful love and of my glory. Great things will I do in and through the young ones of this generation. Deep within I have given this generation a strong desire for truth, holiness and purpose more than any other generation. However, the enemy of their soul has bent them on seeking answers outside of Me. Hence, that is why this generation is so passionate and bent on knowing it all, having all the answers to unanswered questions, when the root of their desire is to know. To know Me, the one true God. If no one tells them or better yet shows them, how will they know?

So many in my body have lived lukewarm and double minded lives. They preach the scripture, but very few live it and the young ones of this generation can smell insincerity from a mile a way. No longer with the term, “do as I say not as I do” fly with this generation. They are wanting something real, something sure, and something to live for. That is why I am sending you out my little one, to be that beacon of light and to lead many into truth, into Me, and into their destinies. 

Do not turn the young ones away. Many will be teenagers and young adults, although lacking in maturity in different areas, when I send them they will desire one thing alone, forsaking all to have Me and to really live and love like Me.  That is all you need, and these souls will be willing. Just like when you read the gospels and a fire burned within your heart to live out what you were reading and what you did not see in my church, I am moving in the same way, in many young peoples hearts. They are burning with a love for more of Me especially as this world gets darker. They are hungry for answers, direction and to touch heaven and you will provide the way, and the answers, and  the fire of love stirred from My Sacred Heart will enflame your every word and life to enflame their little hearts to be totally soled out for Me.

My beloved young brides and young adults of this generation. You may be discounted in this world because of your age, but I have not at all discounted you or have I forgotten about you. I have reserved many of the greatest graces and anointing for the young ones of this generation because I know you desire to live for me alone. Many of you have parents whom seem like an obstacles to your desire for holiness, but honor them in as much as it doesn’t violate your conscience and what I am asking you to do. Remember, I said if you love your mother, brother sister more than Me you are not worthy of me.

Jesus said, He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me (Matthew 10:37)

 A time will come very soon where you will have to choose whom you will serve. Your parents idea of success, that will lead you to a dry and lukewarm life or a lively hope in Me following Me into the unknown, giving your life to Me totally to use as a missionary on this earth, bringing many souls to Me and living in divine intimacy with Me and all of Heaven. I have put a strong nudge in your heart little ones and when your parents don’t seem to understand the way I am leading you, pray for them and have courage to tell them what I have put in your heart. Wait on Me to touch their hearts at the proper time, so they might know my will for you.

(There, he was speaking to the teenagers)  

For the young adults you are mature enough to make your own decisions, but many of you are still bound to the status quo and to the wishes of your parents. If you let them, they can be the biggest impediment to a holy life with Me. The time is now for you to make your decision to leave everything and follow me and trust that you have my Mother and Your Father watching over you. If you do, your life will be filled with contentment, peace and much joy. Don’t be afraid to let go, if you think your plans are good mine are far better. The world although enticing has nothing to offer you because you do not belong to the world, but to Me. You were created for the purposes of Heaven. Come unto Me and receive the richness and the fulness of My life as I live through you, as you finish the race to win.”

That was the end of Jesus message

God being so faithful in his previous message he mentioned that help would be on the way. After sharing this dream this young lady began to fill a tug in her heart that she was called to Ghana. She filled out an application and here in the community we prayed to discern the Lords will for her and the Lord made it clear that he has called her to come Ghana as a missionary love!

We did a Skype meeting and I felt so much peace in my heart even when I first received her application. Although young, she has such a sweet spirit and is so hungry to learn and grow in loving Jesus more. 

I am not sure if she will be leaving with me or coming afterwards,but he did send help and what a wonderful soul she seems to be. 

The Lord is still looking for more to respond to this call wether it’s to volunteer your time or to make a greater commitment as a missionary with us. You can fill out an application on our website at and click on the page “Become a missionary of love” and on that page you will find the application. I will provide the link below.

Please family, continue to help us build the City of God Sacred Heart Refuge. Every donation counts, you can donate through link we have in the descriptions or go on our website for different methods of donating. Thank you for those who have donated and prayed and encouraged us through this. We so appreciate you.  We are now on Vimeo so please follow us there in case the channel is permantelty taken down.  God is truly amazing, when you continue to trust him, he is faithful!

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